10 most exciting jobs in nursing


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If faith is a sustaining and central part of your life, consider parish nursing. While once only chaplains provided spiritual counseling to the ill, now nurses can deliver both practical and spiritual care. Parish nurses visit and treat sick patients as well as pray with them, integrating treatment in healing and spirituality.

Sample job description: “Christian, wellness centered, body-mind-spirit opportunity…function autonomously within the congregation to promote wellness…”

1. Going into the Flow: Holistic Nursing
2. Nursing Informatics
3. Forensic Nursing
4. Outcomes Management
5. Fitness Nursing
6. Entrepreneur and Consultant (Self Employed)
7. Medical Esthetics Nurse
8. Faith-Based Nursing
9. Insurance Nursing
10.Assisted Living and Long Term Care

Are you a know-it-all and proud of it? There’s a nursing job for you, too!

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