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WATCH: 10 must-see medical movies


Even though you see the real thing every day, once in a while it’s entertaining to see how Hollywood does it — if only to catch the made-up absurdities! Whether you’re in the mood for an old drama or a wacky comedy, these top ScrubsMag reader picks will be sure to entertain you:
1. Patch Adams (1998) – Touching comedy with Robin Williams

“It’s the best medical movie — even if it’s sad.” – Nurse Owens

“It’s usually the nurses who bring the smiles, so I’d love to see a Patch Adams-type movie made about a nurse. In the meantime, this is the movie that inspires me to connect with patients more than any other.” – M. Fisher

2. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975) – Drama with Jack Nicholson

“Why do I love this movie even though the nurse is evil? I guess because I see the darkest part of me in Nurse Ratched. And I know I’d never do what she does.” – Anonymous

“Every nurse should see this movie, just so they know what patients are referencing when they talk about the horrible nurse from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” – Nurse Patricia R.

“I voted for this movie because it’s totally hilarious, even though it’s dated. You must have worked with at least one doctor who graduated from a university like this…” – Nurse Collins

4. Young Doctors in Love (1982) – Spoof/Comedy that has ALL the Stereotypes

“Funniest. Movie. Ever.” – K. Alspaugh

“I couldn’t believe the number of recognizable people (bet they wish they could remove this from their resumé!) were in this forgettable movie.” – Anonymous

5. The Dream Team  (1989) – Comedy with Michael Keaton

“It’s awful, but in a ‘good’ awful 80s sort of way. This one’s definitely for the psych nurses.” – A. Zucker

“Very funny psych movie.” – D. Morrison

6. Awakenings (1990) – Tearjerker with Robert DeNiro

“I love this because a nurse is key to helping the doctor arrive at the best conclusions. Go nurses!” – Anonymous

7. Something the Lord Made (2004) – Drama with Alan Rickman

“Movies that show breakthroughs inspire me. This one is about breaking the color barrier in medicine. I get chills when I see it!” – N. Eaves

8. The Doctor (1991) – Drama with William Hurt

“This is so good…I recommend it to the physicians I work with. It’s about a doctor who gets sick and has to deal with doctors from a patient’s POV. Very powerful.” – Anonymous

9. Sybil (1976) – Drama with Sally Field

“I both read the book and watched the movie. It’s a horrific story but a wonderful demonstration of how a medical professional (in this case a psychiatrist) can connect with and ultimately help a patient.” – Nurse Carter

“What made this story stand out for me was the inaction of her childhood doctor, even though there was clear evidence of abuse. Ever since I saw this movie I have been extra cautious to make sure that my patients aren’t being victimized.” – Anonymous

10. The Hospital (1971) – Black comedy with George C. Scott

“I love watching old medical movies to see the archaic equipment, the extreme stereotypes, and the nurse-doctor relationships (wow, they really got away with everything!). This one has some good zingers about nurses, too.” – Bea

Patient: So at 9:15 this morning I rang for my nurse…
Dr. Bock: Rang for your nurse?
Patient: To ensure one full hour of uninterrupted privacy.
Dr. Bock: Good.

What’s your favorite medical movie?


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