Our favorite “Top Ten” nurse mugs

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Mugs—don’t they just seem to multiply in your cupboard when you’re not looking? But the funny thing is, no matter how many mugs you have, there always seems to be room for just one more. Especially because someone keeps stealing your favorite mug at work!

Whether you’re browsing for the perfect cup for your coffee or looking for a gift for a nurse or a nursing student, here are 10 mugs that look great and will give you a chuckle while taking a sip of your drink.
1. 10 ways to tell you’re a nurse
Medical shows fascinate and gross out the Average Joe. But not nurses. Why? Because we know how it really is! You’ll love this mug that proudly lists 10 funny ways to spot a real nurse.

1. Family and friends call you to describe their injuries over the phone.
2. It’s the end of your shift and you realize you haven’t once gone to the bathroom.
3. You can’t function until your caffeine intake is at a therapeutic level.
4. You can scare everyone around you with just one look.
5. You start to point out errors in medical shows.
6. You’ve informed your coworkers who can/cannot work on you if you collapse.
7. You finally learn that doctors are not all that!
8. You get more done by knowing someone in housekeeping than in administration.
9. You can’t imagine wearing heels after a day on your feet.
10. You can smile and know you made a difference at least once in your week.

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Marijke Durning

Marijke is a professional writer who began her working career as a registered nurse over 25 years ago. After working in clinical areas ranging from rehab to intensive care, as a floor nurse to a supervisor, she found she could combine her extensive health knowledge with her love of writing. Although she has been published in a wide variety of publications for professionals and the general public, her passion is writing for the every day person to promote health literacy.

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28 Responses to Our favorite “Top Ten” nurse mugs

  1. Victoria Howard

    So, CNA’s and RN’s…no LVN/LPN’s?! Is there a reason we get passed by even in humor? This sucks! We work every bit as hard as the rest of you in the field, and had to go to school for our license too!

  2. Dawn M Hadland

    I didn’t see anything that said RN on it!!


    • Carole Brady

      I agree 100%. I have had new RNs ask me why didn’t I go for my Rn. Your reply is exactly why. I didn’t become a nurse to sit at a desk and do paper work. I LIKE bedside nursing.

  4. mltnp

    Can these mugs be purchased? Where and how much?

  5. Sherri

    Love the topics..nursing no mater your position or role is a tough job, rewarding and done by someone just the same.
    I was a housekeeper, activity aide and Activity Directer, CNA/GNAS, a student nurse and now an LPN- truely understand! :)

  6. Cassy

    I want to purchase these mugs! Are they going to be for sale?? Let us know!

  7. found you at the side of a facebook page. There’s such a turnover on advertisements that I’m surprised I caught your advertisement.I had back surgery 2 yrs. ago after 24 yrs. of nursing. No one around here wants to hire RNs for offices or clinics & I’m very unsure I could keep up a 12 hr pace in a hosp which is where I’ve worked more than anywhere else.I feel “absolutely useless” being at home all the time & not having anyone to take care of .I’m afraid my brain having not been working as a nurse is going to go down hill.With the prices of gas, can’t drive an hr. away. Any suggestions what I can do from home or anything at all from other retired nurses. Didn’t want to retire, but lost my job because I didn’t have enough sick time saved when I had my surgery. I see advertisements to work from home, but afraid they’re just that. I have such varied nursing experience that is sitting here going to waste. Many jobs only want LPNs so they can pay lower. I’d work for their pay just to feel useful again. I loved nursing & helping others get well & give my all & emotional & physical support is what makes it so gratifying..”THAT’S” what I became a nurse for ; used to play nurse with my siblings from very little on.Fellow nurses or anyone who has been in my shoes, please! help this nurse out.You can email me at: nursemaryann47@yahoo.com ; PS: any other good nursing sites to become a part of or enjoy ? Please share if you know any. Maryann Sawyer

    • kimmykins

      Maryann, have you ever thought of Home Health nursing??
      as for other good nursing sites…check out allnurses.com

  8. Nate August

    No kidding! LPNs can’t get any respect from any body! We work our tuchesses off getting through school and then it’s nigh upon impossible to find work and then we are not even considered nurses and then there is allweys the threat of our possition being eliminated from the profession! Why is it that RNs have it so much better then us? Why can’t we get our due respect?

  9. Bette Zimmerman,RN

    I worked as a psych nurse for over 24 yrs in a state facility. Some of the attendants didn’t treat us with respect because we didn’t work in a “real hospital” so we weren’t real nurses. When I would mention to other nurses what I did they said they wouldn’t have my job for anything. Nursing is usually stressful no matter where you work. I have been physically attacked several times and called every name in the book and then some but I enjoyed my job for the most part. I took care of some of the same pts. for years.

  10. Janice Metcalfe

    I have been an LPN since 1978. I agree with the comments about lack of respect. Back in the day where I started out, there was only ONE RN in the house on night shift. We LPN’s were competent, compassionate and caring :) Of course, that was back also when patients got backrubs, actual time with their Nurse instead of a quick check on them because we were short staffed. I miss the good old days (and I am sure the patients do too :) :)

  11. Mary

    didnt see anything about RN or LPN just nurse. Maybe you are too sensitive, nurse means nurse.

    • Dottie NURSE

      Nope, we are not to sensitive…….just been a Nurse since 1975!!!!!!!!!!! :)

      Thanks about the comment part…nurse means nurse.

  12. mary

    maybe go back to school if youve got it so rough! i worked my butt off to go to the extra school and learn to be an rn. just tired of all the whining.

  13. shenetha

    at my job the rn’s are not allowed to work the floor. the DON thinks that an rn should not be doing an “lpn’s job.” she says that rn’s should be using their brains. and half of em ain’t got the sense god gave a bessie bug. all they do is call and tell us what to do. it don’t take much brains to do that!! they couldn’t dare do the work that we do!!

  14. Your name

    Wow! I love this site but have never seen such negativity on here before. As an RN in a large ICU my fellow workers cover the entire range of nursing and I have never once seen anyone treated “less than” because of the initials on their scrubs. Generally it is true that you are treated in accordance with your actions, if you whine then your are treated like a whiner and do not garner respect regardless of the designation of your education. Let’s not ruin this site with this type of discussion.

  15. Brenda

    Guys I’ve been an LPN for 35 years! I have heard many times over from the RN’s that they would rather work with an LPN than most RN’s because he we get in there and get the job done. I have never felt a lack of respect from my fellow nurses and CNA’s except when I was a new grad and still had lot’s to learn.

  16. Tammie

    I was a CNA for 10 years and now LPN for 6, have all my pre requisites done for RN. In my personal career I have been respected by most all of my peers. The few that don’t, and I mean few probably have other personality issues anyway.

  17. Kathy

    Well, I’ve seen both ends of the spectrum. I’ve been disrespected because I’m an LPN, and I’ve trained many many RN’s. Some if the RN’s have been amazingly incompetent. On the other end if the spectrum, I’ve been treated very well based upon my job skills, not because of my title. I’m proud to be an LPN and yes, many of us are under-appreciated. There are a FEW LPN’s who make us look bad, but overall…most LPN’s are just as good as the RN’s!
    I am planning to bridge this year, but its mainly so I’ll have greater job opportunities, not because I’m unfulfilled as an LPN.

  18. Kathy

    My “if”s should have been “of”s…..lol
    My phone has the auto-correct feature. Sorry for the confusion!

  19. I work in the dialysis unit & wonder if there are any mugs for that? I’m sure there are enough “top tens” for that work.

  20. lolita

    Any NICU mugs? Also I have worked with many wonderful LPN’s through the years, and I would take them in over a new RN any day. It’s all about your level of experience not education that makes a great NURSE. Sadly, our institution has done away with (forced retirement) all of our wonderful LPN’s. Hopefully they were able to get work or the degree, terrible thing to waste all that experience :(

  21. Becca

    I am sooooo disappointed in the negativity this brought. Not a single one of these mugs differentiated between, LPN, LVN, RN, etc…. we are ALL nurses!!! I started out as an NA, then CNA, then LPN, and now RN. I have never felt any disrespect because of my title. It’s in actions and how you do your job and take care of your patients/residents. I have all the respect in the world for all the people I work with. I don’t even think most of the time what their titles are, just that we are all doing the best we can in the care of the people who need it! I’m sure that most people in healthcare feel this way.

  22. Smithteamracing

    One of my closest friends is an LVN. I tease her without mercy but she is one of the best nurses I know. If I was sick I would want her to be my nurse.

  23. Tabitha

    I have noticed that the LPNs I have met get defensive about this topic very quickly. I never bring up the differnces between the two. I don’t use it to hold it over their heads. Yet they feel the need to throw it in my face. Do they not know its insulting me when they make side comments about it? You chose your path, not me. It makes no difference to me if your an rn or lpn just as long as you are doing what you are supposed to do.


    I love this mug. I am also a little sorry to hear all the whining from some of the LPNs about lack of respect. It’s not your license it is your work area. Working LTAC as an LPN I never got the slightest disrespect for my license. I got the same treatment and cared for the same patients as the RNs there were just a few tasks I needed help with because they were beyond my scope and my RNs were always glad to help. the point there is that if your coworkers aren’t respecting you either stick up for yourself or get a new job. Also LPN is not an RN there is benefit to the extra education. That is why it is required for some care areas. Listen up LPNs if you think you deserve better get better. Get a better job or get a bigger license. If you want more credit form your skills and knowledge get credentials. Remember the golden rule “If its not documented then it didn’t happen” My credentials are currently RN,BSN,CCRN,CEN, these do not make me a better nurse than my favorite coworker who is just RN, because I am not, in fact she is a better and more highly skilled than I am, it only serves as documentation and because of it I do get more respect from physicians and administration.