10 nursing activities that cross YOUR disgust threshold

iStock | thelinke
iStock | thelinke

In a special episode of The Katie Duke Show, Katie and her fellow Nurseonality Kati Kleber discuss the “Yuck Factor.” The two nurses ask each other what part of their jobs crosses that elusive (for nurses) “disgust threshold.”

And you guys were more ready to chime in with the activities that make YOU go ewww….

Check out some of the confessions your fellow nurses wrote on the Funny Nurses and Scrubs Facebook pages, and leave your own comment below!

“Mucus…or saliva, anything with a slimy consistency! This is also the reason I almost start dry heaving when people eat raw oysters! Yuk. I also can’t drink ANY green smoothies…looks too much like NG contents.” —Lynn M.

“Maggots. They make me want to run away and hide. And shower. For a solid year. Such incredible heebie-jeebies!” Samantha L.

“Saw an I&D of the aftermath of a brown recluse bite. That was bad. Worst. Smell. Ever. Dentures, sputum, snot, GI bleeds, cleaning bedpans, and wounds with sinus tracts that shoot pus are also not a good time, but I deal with those. I’m not real fond of feet, either, but thankfully our policy states we can’t cut nails, so I’m perfectly happy to say, ‘Sorry can’t do it.'” Nikki H.

“Eye surgery…cannot watch.” Vera C.

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