10 nursing activities that cross YOUR disgust threshold

“Sputum. Why can I get puked on and pooped on and not bat an eyelash, but suctioning thick sputum induces the gag? Oh, and a terrible GI bleed. Yeah, that smell does it, too….” Nicole K.

“The smell of hematuria…” nerdyhiker

“Brains. Can’t handle that! Heebie-jeebie!” Michelle S.

“First is mouth care on a elderly patient when food and gunk is left over because they haven’t had mouth care in days!!! Second is GI bleed, smells worse than C. diff!! Trach care doesn’t bother me; I always get stuck with them and they’re usually fresh trachs!!” Heather R.

“Dentures. Dentures with food in them. No.” Sarah A.

“I work with trachs nearly every day. The worst part, I think, is emptying the suction collecting canister at end of shift, especially if the nurse on prior shift ‘forgot’ to do it!” Stephanie D.


Fortunately, patients appreciate all you do:

“I was in the hospital for four months with a broken spine in a body cast! I have the utmost respect for any nurse! The disgusting things they had to do for me were just incredible! So I say thank you and God bless all nurses. I love you all for getting me better! Thank you!!!” Roger B.


And finally, perhaps the question we should all be asking:

“Why am I reading this while I eat?” Tori M.

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