10 nursing rules you’ve never heard of

10 nursing rules you’ve never heard of

10. The language policies of the hospital could hurt you.
Some hospitals in the United States are implementing “English only” rules in certain parts of their facility. Often, these rules are instituted because of complaints from people not being able to understand some nurses who speak other languages among themselves.

This could be just a matter of etiquette in some situations, but the hospitals claim that such rules are also meant for safety. In trauma situations, it’s essential that all staff be able to communicate and understand each other in a common language—English.

In April 2010, three nurses and a secretary were fired from their positions at a Baltimore hospital. They were overheard speaking Filipino. In 2005, it’s reported that five housekeepers were fired from their hospital jobs in Rochester, N.Y., for speaking Spanish. Conclusion: Being bilingual may mean you have to check your hospital’s policy.

Do you know of any obscure laws that unwitting nurses could all too easily break?


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