10 reasons to date a nurse

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Users on Facebook have virtually given birth to a new user-generated genre: The “Ten Reasons Why You Should Date an XYZ (name of your profession goes here) List.”

Lists have been published for Why You Should Date a Single Mom, a Geek, a Wrestler and hundreds of other categories.

Not to be outdone, the medical professions have also posted “Ten Reasons Why You Should Date: a Physician, a Physical Therapist, an EMT, etc.”

Nurses, of course, have their own list! Here is one “Top Ten Reasons You Should Date a Nurse” list, courtesy of a group on Facebook:

1. They can help you get over a hangover or sickness.

2. Bed baths!

3. The uniform.

4. They are exposed to so many X-rays, it’s like a form of birth control.

5. You will never need to buy condoms, paracetamol, toothbrushes or any hospital supplies.

6. They know how to handle bodily fluids!

7. Nothing shocks a nurse–they have seen smaller or bigger!

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19 Responses to 10 reasons to date a nurse

  1. Sean Dent Scrubs Blogger

    OK. Now that was funny.

  2. 11. They can easily determine symptoms, troubling you no more of telling them what you want and how you want it done.

  3. maryMason

    Come on….! Boooooooooo
    I have been a nurse for >28yrs. These reasons are flimsy at best! I don’t think this is funny, nor cute or really reflect our profession! Take a real brake!!
    Not break !

  4. Boo to Nurse maryMason Ratchet, if she is a Nurse, for being such a crank. I think that # 9. might help her.
    And you might add for # 11., that Nurses are usually Hot, so they can cool down your Temp.!

  5. Anigbo wilson

    I am a nursing student wanting to date a nurse(student)abrode(uSA).Age 20years

  6. Teresa RN

    I agree, Jeanne. Most nurses have a sense of humor, unfortunately there are always a few like maryMason who are bitter and unable to laugh @ life. Sorry for her.

  7. mia mia

    now THAT made me laugh.

  8. Lorilo

    LOL…I thought it was funny also, I tell my husband # 7 all the time…Haha…..I agree, I have been a nurse 20+ years, and if you don’t laugh , you’d break down and become bitter and unhappy, and I know plenty of nurses like that , who make life miserable for all….so give us a break!!!!!!!!!

  9. melody

    Super…super…super….SHALLOW!!! wE are not just these ten reasons we are MORE THAN THAT…boooooooo to the one who made this….

  10. Cruzinrn RN

    To those nurses who were offended by this lighten up. I really dont think this was intended to reflect our profression and everyone knows that nurses are way more than that and carry many responsibilities, but this was very cute. Its ok to crack a smile.
    For a number eleven you could add we have restraints and aren’t afraid to use them.
    Twelve: we can go all night long.
    Thirteen: we dont gag.

  11. Christina Hill LPN

    #11. we know the proper way to tie you to a bed! :)

    • wahela LPN

      Oh that’s priceless! Can we bring home Poseys from work? I wonder how that would work with the DON!!! LOL

    • Marsha RN

      RE- #11? That’s very true! RE- #13? Omg! LoL!

  12. wahela LPN

    That’s pretty funny. However, if I ever have to do a dig check on a boyfriend, I’m afraid that relationship is over!!! LOL. How about:

    1. Never have to worry about choking on a piece of steak in a restaurant?
    2. Can find out quick if you’re having a heart attack or an attack of indigestion.\
    3. Won’t ever want to watch a medical show with a person in health care ever again.
    4. Don’t plan on ever scheduling a date again, due to cell phones and call in lists.
    5. Massage, hints on health, yes. Babying when you are sick? No. LOL

  13. sting6100

    that was funny…:-)
    to those offended with this – c’mon, we nurses need to laugh at ourselves sometimes..things that happen in the hospital, if we look back at it, are hysterical experiences….i think we are secure enough to know what we can accomplish as a nurse…

  14. wopwop03 Liked Commenter

    Nurses have all the fun! I can’t wait to start my career!!

  15. bhintal

    some work best while others not

  16. erccrn

    wahela- loved your list. I have been a nurse for 35 yrs- mostly ER and I didn’t think the original list was very funny either. but to each his own. I have laughed at some terribly inappropriate “normal people” things through the years