10 signs of a chaotic eater – are you one of them?


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It seems that all too often those who are in the field of health care spend so much time taking care of others, that we neglect our own needs.

As the dietitian at Green Mountain at Fox Run, I work with many nurses who struggle with chaotic eating. Below is a list of some common habits of chaotic eaters. See if any sound similar to your current eating patterns:

  1. Work is my top priority during the day, eating is often put on the back burner.
  2. Sometimes I will go all day without eating anything at work.
  3. I often skip breakfast, most of the time it’s because I’m in a rush to get out of the house.
  4. I grab snacks at work every time I see them because I’m never sure if I’ll get a chance to eat later.
  5. I eat often, but seem to have tons of food cravings anyway.
  6. When I get home for work, it’s been so long since my last meal that I only want very rich foods at that point.
  7. There’s no food in my fridge, so I grab take-out frequently.
  8. Sometimes I’m so busy I forget to eat.
  9. I do most of my eating back at home after my work shift is over.
  10. I sometimes find myself hungry, but don’t have anything available to eat and I have no time to find something to eat.

If you recognize many of these habits, you may be a chaotic eater. Chaotic eating can involve skipping meals or having huge stretches of time in between meals, which often leads to over eating. Or chaotic eating can involve frequently snacking on unbalanced snacks throughout the day, which can lead to frequent feelings of hunger and lots of food cravings. Neither of these patterns tend to yield positive results when it comes to health or weight management.

To tackle the problem of meal skipping, we will be posting a new recipe every two weeks that we hope will give you busy professionals out there a few ideas for quick and easy lunches. A common theme for these meals will be a balance of starches, protein-based foods, and low-starch vegetables, starting with Spicy Rice & Bean Salad.

Do you see clues that you, too, are a chaotic eater? How about some tips for combating chaotic eating? Share your thoughts below!

Robyn Priebe
Robyn Priebe, RD, CD, is the Director of Nutrition at Green Mountain at Fox Run. A healthy weight loss retreat for women only, Green Mountain at Fox Run offers a proven healthy lifestyle program that teaches how to eat instead of starve, move our bodies for pleasure and physical well-being, and manage stress and negative self-image for health and healthy weights. In operation for 37 years, Green Mountain pioneered the non-diet approach to achieving and maintaining healthy weights. You can learn more at and on their blog at

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