10 signs you need a spring vacation!


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Wishing your next day off was a little sooner? Imagining a marvelous tropical vacation in the spring (hey, we can dream!)? You don’t have to tell us twice: Nurses work HARD…and sometimes you just need a break!

We asked our Funny Nurses Facebook fans for the telltale signs they know they need a break (more coffee, anyone?). Read on for their funny responses and share your own in the comments below!

You know you need a spring vacation when…

1. I walk into the elevator, the doors close and I forget to push the button!
Scott K. 

2. I answer my cell phone with my work voice telling the caller the unit I work on, my name, and “How may I help you?” And then realizing I’m standing in my living room.
Botbot B.

3. You click the button on your car keys and wait for your office door to open.
 Caren S.

4. I sent a text, then held the phone to my ear and wondered why I didn’t hear any any ringing… *face palm*
Ashley S. 

5. I start to hear patient call bells while I’m at home.
Lashanda J.

6. You start calling coworkers by residents’ names! LOL!
Stacy G.

7. You work 12 hours as a nurse taking care of people who have the flu only to come home to the same; then repeat! Arrgghhh!
Merlene T.

8. I woke up one night at home wondering who the hell was ringing their bell before I realized it was my smoke detector indicating the battery was low.
Wendy G. 

9. I put my name as the patient on all the admission forms!
Christina W.

10. The coffee is no longer helping!!!
Nicole J. 

 Nurses, what are the signs you’re ready for a break?

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