10 signs you’re a burned-out ER nurse

Ron Chapple Studios | ThinkStock + Scrubs

“Never, ever lie to your ER nurse. Their BS detectors are excellent, and you lose all credibility when you lie”–Allen Roberts, MD

Calling all ER nurses! We recently stumbled upon an excellent list of humorous signs you might be getting a little burned out on the job. Check out our favorites below and head to NursingDegrees.com for the full list….do any of these sound familiar to you?!

You’ve been an ER nurse too long if…

…you assume every patient with back pain is a drug-seeker until proven otherwise.

…you find yourself telling the Motrin overdose which of her medicines are really dangerous.

…you consider it a compliment when certain patients swear at you.

…you know what Norbest Syndrome, Porcelain Titer, Feather Count, and FOS Syndrome mean.

…you consider yourself an unwilling specialist in vague symptoms of long duration.

…you believe patients taking two or more psychiatric drugs will never have real pathology.

…you know the sign language for “shot,” “pain,” and “x-ray.”

…you assume new ER residents should know what to do, and should do it without being told.

…you no longer leave the room when the portable x-rays are taken.

…you mistake the new resident for a high school volunteer.

Are you an ER nurse? Are these funny because they’re true? What would you add to the list?

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