10 songs to help you relax


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Sometimes at the end of a long shift, your head is ringing from all the beeping, pages and chatter you hear.

As an antidote to this ear fatigue, we at Scrubs have created a soothing playlist that we hope will help you release the stresses of your day. And every one of these songs was recommended by nurses.

So treat yourself and download one or all ten! Then take a deep breath, press play and relax.

  1. You Raise Me Up – Josh Groban
  2. Say – John Mayer
  3. Somewhere in New Mexico – Jill Sobule
  4. Society – Eddie Vedder
  5. Walking in Memphis – Marc Cohn (or anything by Marc Cohn)
  6. Angel from Montgomery – Bonnie Raitt
  7. Good People – Jack Johnson
  8. When You Say Nothing at All – Alison Krauss
  9. Early Winter – Gwen Stefani
  10. The River of Dreams – Billy Joel

Listen to the playlist here:

And here are a few of our favorite relaxing albums:

Quiet Nights by Diana Krall

9 by Damien Rice

Love Is the Answer by Barbra Streisand

An Education OST by Various Artists

Want more? We’ve also created another fun playlist of songs to inspire you, comfort you, or just make you smile.

Thanks to the students at Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing at Case Western Reserve University, Kate Genovese, RN, Megan Gilbert, Student Nurse, April Chandler, RN, and Patrycja Mahdavi, Staff Nurse, for their help on this list. Have a relaxing song or album to recommend? Leave a comment here or write to us at hello@scrubsmag.com.

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15 Responses to 10 songs to help you relax

  1. Big Fan

    This is my favorite list on Scrubs. I downloaded almost all of these tunes. Didn’t know that you could get music from Amazon! Cool!

  2. Karin VW

    Anything by Enya would fit the bill also.

  3. Zelda


  4. How about: “I Need A New Drug”

  5. NIKKA COSTA “Everybody Got Their Something”

  6. Howard Jones, “Life In One Day”

  7. Howard Jones “New Song”

  8. “New Song” by Howard Jones

  9. Abc “One Better World”

  10. Death Cab For Cutie “Soul Meets Body”

  11. The Association “Time for Living”

  12. Suzanne

    “I Want To Be Sedated” by The Ramones. Loud rock n’ roll helps me chill.

    • Mommynator Student

      Yes!!!! I actually sang this to the OR staff when I was being wheeled in for my knee surgery last year.

      Also, check out Superchick:

      Get Up
      Hey Hey
      One Girl Revolution
      Rock What You Got
      So Bright

  13. jafrommeyer RN

    Bob Marley – 3 Little Birds