10 things a nurse would NEVER say!

6. “Wow, a day where no one tried to escape, throw poop at me or ask me where they were at!”
Frankie Stevenson 

7. “12 doubly incontinent patients today, brilliant!”
Sarah Louise Nicolson

8. “Oh please, I don’t need any more caffeine!”
Stephanie Lea Meinecke 

9. “What? We are fully staffed today?!”
Tracey Griffin 

10. “I would love to pull a double the night of the full moon!”
Tiffany J Jackson Sumler 

What would you add to the list?

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4 Responses to 10 things a nurse would NEVER say!

  1. mandypandy

    A fire drill right at the end of my shift?! YAY!! I’m sooooooo excited!!

  2. Loretta Woods

    Patient So and So’s condition is getting worse and don’t think he or she will survive”

  3. hallen24

    I ate before I came to work so no I don’t need my supper break.

  4. carolslee1949

    Work on my days off? Sure, put me down for all of them!