10 Things I Want After Graduation

Image: © Veer Incorporated

Being a nursing student, there are a few things I would like back upon getting my nursing degree. Life has changed drastically ever since I entered the nursing program at Purdue. I wonder what it will be like when I am finished? Well here is my wish list for anyone looking to get me something special for the holidays!!

1o Things I want After Graduation

1) SLEEP! I would love a decent nights sleep sometime soon.  Oh yeah, and no nightmares about failing exams!

2) A Bath. Okay I do bathe and shower people, I would just like to take a nice long hot bath and relax.

3) My Figure. Some people lose weight when they are stressed, I on the other hand blow up like a balloon and eat everything in sight!

4) TV. What I would give just to watch T.V. and catch up on all my shows!!

5) A Clean House! What is that?

6) My Brain. Ever walk into a room and forget why? Yeah, that’s me!

7) More Family Time. I miss my boys when I am gone.

8) Money! The student loans are getting out of hand! Help!

9) A Job I Love! Wouldn’t we all love this?

10) To Get Accepted To Grad School. I really would love to be a neonatal NP!

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