10 things nurses wish they had known before starting nursing school


5. “To work as a CNA before and during nursing school… Because NOTHING can teach better than hands-on experience!!”
—Shelly Rowe

6. “How to study for 50-question tests when given 600 PowerPoint slides of info plus book readings.”
—Jacob Shelton

7. “The stress will be so overwhelming at times, and even if you pass a class, you may still want to quit! PLUS, even after wanting to quit, you stick with it and find it to be all so very worth it!”
—Andrea Hommel

8. “Your classmates will be your new family. You will laugh together, cry together and hold each other up because no one else will understand. A lot can happen in two years!”
—Jeanette Negron

9. “What the actual MOST correct answer really is, lol.”
—Babbette Becka Harbison

10. “That my loans would be greater than my salary! Lol. Why is nursing school so expensive?!?”
—Roschelle Reneé Boyd


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