10 things only tall nurses understand

Shutterstock | Summersky
Shutterstock | Summersky

Bumping your head on a patient’s TV…again? Wearing scrubs pants that make you look ready for a flood? Raising beds up to the sky countless times every day? Tall nurses, we feel your pain!

We asked our tall Facebook fans for the little on-the-job frustrations that only their fellow tall nurses would understand…check out their responses and get ready to nod your head in agreement!

1. Having to raise the bed up to the sky when you turn a patient or insert a foley or IV. Patients don’t understand but my back thanks me!
Crystal W.

2. Hitting your head on patients’ TVs daily!
Valerie K.

3. PPE gowns are so annoying. My wrists are always left hanging out! But there’s a trick I do whenever I can remember: Poke your thumbs through the arm part of the gowns, then cover them with gloves.
Jessie S.

4. Trying to reach that happy medium between you and a petite nurse when preparing to pull a patient up in bed!
Amy K. H.

5. Always being the one doing compressions…short girls can’t reach.
Candice S.

6.  The air beds for patients with wounds….they don’t raise up at all!!! And then there’s hitting your head on Hoyer Lifts not put away properly…
Heather D.

7. I’m a NICU nurse and the worst thing is the radiant warmers. I swear that someday I will spontaneously combust because my head is so close to the radiant warmer.
Nichelle O.

8. “Can you reach that on the top supply shelf for me?”
Jason G.

9. That as high as they go, beds still could come up a little higher. Although never needing to drop crib rails was nice. And only tall nurses know the look on a patient’s face when they get raised to the ceiling!
–Stephen P.

10. The scrub pants are like high waters! Never long enough for the tall ones!
Dianna F.

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What else would you add to this list? Sound off in the comments below! And if you’re at the other end of the height spectrum, check out 10 things only short nurses understand!

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6 Responses to 10 things only tall nurses understand

  1. defa

    Don’t get an injury — it will be because you are tall

  2. kmay

    Definitely number 10! They fit perfect until i was them :(

  3. bmck97004

    My shorter comrades never understood why I preferred to leave the siderails up – it gave me something to lean against while I leaned over to reach the patient!

  4. chenay

    hitting your head against a sterile light handle after being scrubbed. Then having to change it

  5. flybaby

    Hitting your head over and over on the top of the helicopter when trying to reach the small patient on the stretcher on the other side. Bonk! Bonk! Bonk!

  6. Pennynnp85@gmail.com

    When you start to smell your hair burning from the NICU open warmer!!