10 things to NEVER say to a nurse


5. “So…You Can Score Me Some Meds, Right?”

Veer Incorporated
Veer Incorporated

Shows like Nurse Jackie and House, MD make it seems like any nurse can walk right into a pharmacy and get whatever he/she wants. We know that’s totally not true, but those who aren’t in the medical field often believe it. Many nurses have friends or family members who ask them to score some meds they don’t have a prescription for – without even considering the fact that the nurse could lose her/his license!

Most nurses can laugh this off, but, for others, it’s a real problem. To banish this stereotype (and this request!), there needs to be continual education of consumers.

4. “What Does a Nurse Do?”

Coming from a 5th grader who is doing a report on what she wants to be when she grows up, this question is sweet. Coming from a snarky patient, this question is almost intolerable. What doesn’t a nurse do? Let’s see…nurses care for patients, chart, memorize and administer medication, write care plans, take direction, give direction, handle emergencies, handle stress, handle “dirty jobs” doctors don’t want to do…

The list goes on and on.

3. “I’m Just a Nurse”

Veer Incorporated
Veer Incorporated

Just a nurse? No such thing!

I’m sure you’ve heard a fellow nurse say something along these lines. Doesn’t it make you crazy?! Nurses are the backbone of any successful healthcare facility, so stand up and be proud!

Similarly, you might hear “I’m just an LPN.” Well, LPNs are nurses, too!

(And don’t you forget it!)

2. “Anyone Can Be a Nurse”

Discouraging Job Hunt

What?! Anyone can deal with juggling 20-person patient loads, keeping track of dozens of medications, handling emergencies with grace, and charting it all correctly? (And more!) Yeah, right. Nursing is not for everyone, which is why not everyone is a nurse. Nurses have a special set of qualities that set them apart from everyone else.

Anyone can be a nurse? I’d like to see them try.
And finally….

1. “Why Didn’t You Become a Doctor?” Lord Lord

This utterly annoying and disrespectful question comes in a variety of forms: “Why didn’t you become a doctor?” “Why don’t you want to be a doctor?” “Did med school sound too hard?” No matter the variance, the underlying insult is the same: Doctors are better than nurses. Not true! Let’s see a doctor take on everything a nurse handles with ease.

You know what they say: Behind every good doctor is a better nurse!

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