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10 über-useful tips for getting what you want at work


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Whether you’re trying to convince a patient that an extra piece of pizza actually can harm them or begging a coworker to help you clean up a mess, sometimes nursing relies heavily on the power of persuasion! But even if persuasive speaking isn’t exactly your forte, you can still get exactly what you want (and need) on the job. We asked our Facebook fans for their top tips for getting what they want at work—read on, take notes and share what works for you in the comments section below!

10 über-useful tips for getting what you want at work

1. Don’t just stand around and do nothing. If it’s a slow night for you, it might not be for someone else. Ask if there is anything you can help with—it always comes back when you need the help.
—Laura Ayala

2. The golden rule: Treat everyone as you want to be treated…from CNAs to CEOs.
—Christie Bonanno

3. If I am scrambling on the phone, trying to get something done from another department (such as radiology, pharmacy, etc.), I say, “I need your expertise” or “Maybe you can help me with your knowledge on this” or “I need your expert opinion.” That has never failed to get a good response! Also, “Maybe you can teach me” is a good one. When my patients want something that I know I can’t give them or is bad for them, like fried chicken before they leave to get the treadmill test done, or ice cream when their blood sugar is 300, I say to them, “I would be a horrible nurse to you if I let you do that.” No patient has ever gotten around that little sentence yet!
—Shannon West Shackelford

4. I always found that setting myself as an example to others worked best. Show that teamwork is best, help your coworkers or just ask them what you can do to help if you get caught up for a few minutes. I found that they always returned the favor. : ) #teamwork
—Jessica Shelor Craig

5. Speak when you come in, be an expert at your job and when you’re done, get a snack and then just jump in and help the CNAs. If you get your hands dirty with them, they will cover you with the patients. Bring snacks randomly and know everybody’s name!
—Tajuana Waller

6. Be useful or valuable to the team and you will probably get what you want. And don’t be afraid to stand up for what you need.
—Amanda Renee Procter

7. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.
—Jodi Miller Major

8. Compromise. Find out what needs they have and be helpful. It’s always easier to scratch someone’s back if you know that at some point they are willing to scratch yours.
—Erin Irving-Martin

9. Be positive—it gets most of them every time.
—Jessie Tesch

10. Don’t just show up. Be present. Offer help before it’s asked of you. Teamwork and attitude are everything!
—Jill Voelkel

What’s your best tip for getting what you want on the job?

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