10 ways RNs should get recognized…

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I’ve thought of all the ways nurses should get recognized on a daily basis…

Read my (sometimes tongue in cheek) list below and see if you agree with any of them!

Ways RNs Should Get Recognized…

1. A cappuccino machine and freshly baked cookies—on demand. If they can do it at my car’s service department, they could surely figure out how to do it at a hospital. Whenever we talk about a new renovation in the hospital, I always ask for a cappuccino machine. Everyone thinks I’m kidding, but I’m totally serious. One day, I will enjoy a non-fat cap. I may have no teeth by that point but it will happen.

2. A masseuse in the break room for on demand chair massages. Ok, if this would be too costly (I understand, 24 hour massage coverage + extra masseuses for sick calls + benefits might get to be a lot of money) why don’t we have those great massage chairs that they have in the nail salons instead of the regular break room chairs?

3. Diamond stethoscopes. ‘Nuff said.

4. A fully paid day off. Not a vacation day, not an extra sick day. A surprise, “You get today off!” day off.

5. An award show. Academy Award Show Style. With ball gowns and musical performances and golden statues for every RN. Parties and champagne flowing, red carpets, and everything celebrity-esque.

6. People movers in every department so we don’t have to walk as far. Or personal sherpas to carry our tools, our labs, our medications, and our cappuccinos (see #1).

7. Life size murals of each nurse, rotating every week so everyone gets their fair share of face time.

8. Gift certificates…in really BIG amounts.

9. Free food all the time from wherever we want it from. 24 hours a day. And please remove all the fat and calories.

10. If you don’t think items one through nine are feasible. Try this. The best way to recognize any RN, is to look them in the eye, extend a firm handshake, and say a genuine “Thank you.”

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