10 ways to spot a nursing student

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You can spot me from a mile a way. All in white. Standing tall and proud with my stethoscope strategically draped behind my neck.

Oh yeah, I’m a professional…can’t you tell? Just feast your eyes on my fancy clipboard. I know, you wish you had one, too. Nope, gotta be part of my club. Only the very elite get to be part of this club. Watch out, future nurse coming through!

I stop sometimes and think how ridiculous I may look to people. I remember rolling my eyes when my younger sister was in nursing school….I thought she was nuts.

Well, here I am some few years later. I am doing the same exact things that I thought were hilarious back then. Sometimes I feel like I have learned so much, other days I know I haven’t even learned a fraction of what it takes to become a nurse.

Top Ten Reasons Why I Know I Am A Nursing Student:

1) I am constantly diagnosing people.

2) I think I have certain diseases we are learning about in school.

3) I get excited over putting in Foleys!

4) I am constantly using medical jargon whether it is necessary or not.

5) I am using proper aseptic technique just to apply a band-aid to a cut on my finger.

6) I feel the need to whip out my stethoscope when my kids have a cough.

7) I have more books than I do shoes.

8) I think it is so fun to flush a saline lock!!

9) I don’t have a social life anymore.

10) I am guilty of practicing writing my name Megan Gilbert, RN 🙂

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