10 ways you know there’s a male nurse on the unit

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The author of this list is a frequent participant on our Male Nurses Aren’t Murses, We’re Nurses! page (you can find it at Facebook.com/MaleNurses).

We were thrilled when he sent us this terrific article…and we think you’ll like it, too.

So, how can you tell when there’s a male nurse in the house?

10. The Hoyer lift is thought of as the backup option.
9. Someone at the nurses’ station isn’t wearing a print top.

8. You no longer call Dr. Strong at the first sign of need.

7. You find yourself with a box of gigantic gloves and wonder where the smaller ones went.

6. Conversations based on sports have somehow infiltrated the unit.

5. Somebody left a burger and fries on the table, where you struggle to convince yourself a salad is fulfilling.

4. Patient assignments are frequently changed after you have taken report and made your first round.

3. A patient keeps calling your co-worker “Doctor” regardless of how many times she is corrected.

2. This complaint becomes familiar: “There are no XL gloves here and they were ordered just for me.”

1. Someone left the toilet seat up in the nurses’ lounge restroom.

This list is by Jeffrey Bodurka, RN.

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