10 ways you know you’re a home care nurse

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The ups and downs of a home care nurse are like no other.

Here are the top 10 ways you know you are one!

You know you’re a home care nurse when:

10. You realize the phrase “How are you?” isn’t the smartest greeting when not working.

9. You own more scrubs than regular clothes.

8. Your ID photo makes you look like a felon.

7. Your smartphone sends any calls from work to voicemail on your days off.

6. You drive by the homes of at least three former patients on the way to the store—you remember their names, families’ names and diagnoses.

5. You constantly assess people’s mobility at the grocery store, the mall, school pickup…

4. You have hundreds of doctor’s office phone numbers that you can recite.

3. You are relieved to have only logged 50 miles for the day.

2. You can tell the way your day will go by the tone in the scheduler’s voice.

1. You can’t imagine doing anything else because your patient or her family member just gave you a hug and said, “Thank you!”

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