10 ways you know you’re a night shift nurse

Not to say that night shift nurses are a totally different breed, but you do tend to relate to the werewolf thing!

10 ways you know you’re a night shift nurse

1. Caffeine is a basic food group.

2. Any light of any kind hurts!

3. You completely dread lawnmowers.

4. When a patient asks you why you’re still awake, you wonder the same thing.

5. You can say, “I’ll try to let you rest” to a patient while thinking, That’s really hard to do at night.

6. You completely get the werewolf thing.

7. You love that the traffic is so much less.

8. Breakfast specials…need I say more?

9. The sun comes up and you get restless.

10. The thought of leaving the best shift ever makes you feel like you’re going to die.

This list is by Christine Blair, Staff Nurse.

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