10 ways you know you’re a student nurse

Are gummy bears part of a balanced meal? If you’re a student nurse, you may find yourself nodding desperately in agreement! Here’s a hilarious top 10 list of ways you know you’re a scrambling nursing student.

You Know You’re a Student Nurse When…

10. You know the Braden Scale by heart, but have to look up a loved one’s birthday.

9. You have three backpacks to carry all your books.

8. You strive to find a gait belt that matches your scrubs.

7. You realize during clinical post-conference that you either need a stronger deodorant or forgot to put it on again!

6. Cheetos, gummy bears, string cheese and a soda are considered a well-balanced meal.

5. You learn a new skill and can’t wait to go home and practice on (or threaten to) a loved one!

4. You mentally start developing a care plan for everyone you meet.

3. You go out with classmates and all you talk about is pharmacology.

2. You have a permanent kyphosis from lugging your books around.


This list is by Dawn Marie Bintz.

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2 Responses to 10 ways you know you’re a student nurse

  1. Diana B.

    You discover that your med-surg textbook makes a comfy pillow.

    The Department of Homeland Security wants to investigate your pile of dirty laundry to see if Osama bin Laden is hiding out in there.

    You’ve forgotten what your family looks like.

  2. Colleen L

    You have three book shelves for all the nursing books, note books, and other medical books and still dont have enough room.

    you are identified in the school as a nursing student because they are the only group of students to have rolling backpacks.