10 ways you know you’re a student nurse

Are gummy bears part of a balanced meal? If you’re a student nurse, you may find yourself nodding desperately in agreement! Here’s a hilarious top 10 list of ways you know you’re a scrambling nursing student.
You Know You’re a Student Nurse When…

10. You know the Braden Scale by heart, but have to look up a loved one’s birthday.

9. You have three backpacks to carry all your books.

8. You strive to find a gait belt that matches your scrubs.

7. You realize during clinical post-conference that you either need a stronger deodorant or forgot to put it on again!

6. Cheetos, gummy bears, string cheese and a soda are considered a well-balanced meal.

5. You learn a new skill and can’t wait to go home and practice on (or threaten to) a loved one!

4. You mentally start developing a care plan for everyone you meet.

3. You go out with classmates and all you talk about is pharmacology.

2. You have a permanent kyphosis from lugging your books around.


This list is by Dawn Marie Bintz.

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