10 ways YOU live the nurse life

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With her article on “A day in the life of a nurse,” Nurse Eye Roll pinpointed the ups and downs of being a nurse on any given day pretty well. But we knew you’d have your own take on what it means to live the nurse’s life…so we took to our Funny Nurses Facebook page to hear what you had to say!

Here are 10 that we loved, and we’re sure there are plenty more. Let us know what defines your days in the comments below.

10 ways YOU live the nurse life

1. Washing my hands BEFORE and after a bathroom break.
– Amy Naughton

2. Being able to eat while you look at pictures of non-healing wounds.
– Ellen Holohan Spencer

3. Night shift life…not telling anyone you had a day off because you WANTED to sleep!
– Kim Lorton

4. Having to pee a 1/2 hour into your shift and finally getting to go a 1/2 hour after your shift ends!!
– Nicole Sullivan Lalonde

5. Cleaning poop, taking a bite of your dinner then running down the hall to the patient vomiting, back to the desk for another bite.
– Lise Kelley

6. Everyone you know thinks you have a 24-hour 1-800 line for medical advice…LOL.
– Missy Klischer

7. When you can assess people walking past them in the train station.
#liverFailure #methadoneUser #etc
– Katie Duke

8. You haven’t peed all day and you’re sooo thirsty. You work late then go home, eat and rehydrate like crazy. Then go to bed, only to have to get up all night to go to the bathroom from all the liquids right before bed.
– Sharon Miniard

9. When your kids notice the mistakes on TV shows or movies concerning medical scenes that they must have heard you criticize in the past!
– Barb Watson Jones

10. Knocking on your bedroom door before entering.
– Raquel Hurtado

How do YOU live the nurse life?

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3 Responses to 10 ways YOU live the nurse life

  1. CyndyC

    Hahaha#7 … I assess my dates! And then it is so hard to keep my mouth shut! Also assess friends I haven’t seen in person in years through their FB pages. Need an off switch!

  2. rdarone4310 Student

    10 ways YOU live the nurse life;
    When you answer the phone at home with PCU nurses station this is Robin, how can I help you.

  3. Sfsd2

    Answering the phone at home “this is Judy how can I help you today.”