11 more great hospital chart bloopers!

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We’ve seen our share of hospital chart bloopers in the past, and fortunately (for those of us who need a laugh!) it doesn’t look like there’s any end in sight.

We took to our Funny Nurses Facebook page to find out what crazy chart shenanigans you’ve seen, and we got a slew of great stories.

Some are funny, some are confusing and some are just plain strange. Here are some of the best, though it was pretty tough to narrow the list down to just 11–we recommend perusing the entire list when you need a good prolonged laugh.

11 more great hospital chart bloopers!

1. Doctor dictated, “pt would benefit from lap band.” Transcribed as “pt would benefit from lap dance.”
–Jackie L.

2. “Pt had a large brown stool ambulating down the hallway.”
–Karen F.

3. “Offered snakes at bedtime, pt consumed 100%.”
–Isabella T.

4. Had to document when combative resident had outbursts; somebody wrote, “resident called me stuped.” Well…
–Kayla W.

5. “Patient drowsy but easily aroused.”
–Gwen T.

6. I wrote “pt would like to sleep with Dr. *****.” Whoops! Should have been “speak with.”
–Kat D.

7. “Report given to night sh*t nurse.”
–Gabe M.

8. “Received pt at 0700 in bed with the student.”
–Janine G.

9. “Patient was creaming all night.”
–Greg B.

10. Saw a nurse document, “Patient had a BM the size of a soccer ball.”
–Debra N.

11. Patient is a total ass. (assist)
–Wendy W.

What’s the funniest hospital chart blooper you’ve ever seen?

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32 Responses to 11 more great hospital chart bloopers!

  1. The ED Nurse

    I was reviewing the chart of my patient when I saw in the Clinical Notes written by the previous shift, “Received patient dying on bed, conscious and orientated”.

  2. Jessiegirl

    I was reading a discharge summary of an 89 year old female and one line said ” nothing in vagina for 6-8 weeks”.

  3. nurse68

    I was looking over the physician progress notes for a patient that had been discharged from the hospital back to my facility and this is what i read. Bilateral pedal pulses palpable and patient noted to have small amount of blood on the toilet paper after wiping following a bm… The patient was a long term bilateral aka and had had a colostomy for years. Kind of scary.

  4. Sonia Byars

    ” pt had bilateral nephrectomy” lol

  5. ccmrn

    I have stumbled on this site in facebook and enjoy it. I have to share my best chart blooper that a very stoick old school pediatrician caught me in as a ‘green’s nurse on a peds surg. floor my first year of practice. In charting how a fresh tonsillectomy patients throat looked after surgery I charted ” throat clear. No drainage or Pussey exudate’ well… that doc. Road me on that ‘pussy’ remark for a week until I figured him out and declaired he was a real jokester! We became good comrade!

  6. NurseNutMeg

    OR discharge instructions included…
    Purchase Vibrator/Dildo with a safety strap.

  7. denacarnal

    Saw this in a chart: “Vaginal packing out, Dr in.

  8. narna

    A visitor arrived to see his elderly mother and he was carrying a bag of her freshly laundered underwear. He was also intoxicated and when he said he was going to take his mother for a short drive, it was refused. The nurse documenting the incident was indignant and quietly furious. She wrote “son presented at unit smelling strongly of underwear”.

  9. Pat

    Check for erection daily and give soap suds enema if needed

  10. Andrea Curtis

    I accidentally marked my 98 year old client for having dysmenorrhea…

  11. ilovenursing

    The pt. is in bed, with the nurse.

  12. tile trotter

    How about looking in a chart on an OB/GYN floor and seeing “Vaginal packing out. Dr. in” 😉

  13. tile trotter

    Ooops didn’t realize someone already posted that one LOL!

  14. Josh Zandi

    Signing off emails with “retards” as opposed to “regards”

  15. mrsrdrr

    One of our nurses wrote in the chart that she had discharged the patient into the “care of their fridge ” The microwave must have been too busy

  16. dmhskm

    Don’t forget the classic, “Vaginal pack out, Dr. Smith in.” I also enjoyed, “Left leg amputated x 3.”

  17. Kayla Mixon-Wohlschlegel

    “Lab here at pt bedside. Blood drawned.”

  18. livin2laugh

    I’ll never forget reading in a nurses note “TB skin test given in left foreskin”. I asked if she was sure, and how did the patient react to that one?

  19. onenurse

    I saw this entry on patient’s chart written by a student: Patient farted one small turd.

  20. Banjo

    An OB doctor dictated after his patient had a c section that she was a “known keloid former”. It was transcribed that she was a “known keyboard performer”.

  21. iheartnusing

    F/u CT scan q 6 hours. Should have been 6 months

  22. xqpyz

    Chart bloopers…patient had been constipated. Charting read (date) __/__/__ time:XX:XX “no shit”

  23. FellowRN

    Have seen reports of p**sy drainage rather than purilant drainage charted. Smh funny.

  24. Lesa Arny Gallagher

    On a written telephone order sheet: STD’s.

  25. nurselindy99

    As a brand new nurse had physician repeatedly comment on the “pus” in a patients foley catheter. Was documented as “p*ssy urine”

  26. Princess-Nia Baptiste

    I read an H&P that had patients Chief Complaint: “Im sick doc! Im a sick son of a b*tch!”

  27. ericka

    I came back to work after my weekend off and I was trying to figure out the exact reason why a patient was sent out so I was reading through the notes for the day she was sent out when I read ” Patient was acting funny like she had her head in the clouds.” I actually believe that is the proper description of the nurse who wrote that note.

  28. Clarissa Shea

    “Patient consumed old man cookies”


  29. love nursing

    As a student I saw cardiology transcription of “pt c/o vaginal pain.” Of course it should have said angina; the funniest part was the pt was a man!

  30. sizzle

    PRN given as ordered, translated to PORN given as ordered…thanks spellcheck!

  31. Kelir

    Should have been,” injured back lifting a 40 lb bag of vegitables” dragon changed to ” 40 lb bag of testicles”

  32. Betablocker

    Patient developed vertigo when erect.