11 ways to bring Halloween fun to healthcare

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At Scrubs mag, Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday season and we’re alllllll about the holidays. The pumpkin spice lattes, the scarves, the falling leaves, the candy…we love it all! And can we take a minute to appreciate how a fun, Halloween-themed pair of scrubs can brighten anyone’s day?

We asked the Funny Nurses how they plan on celebrating All Hallow’s Eve at their workplace. Needless to say, the responses have us buzzing with excitement.

1. “Candy is provided for the residents and kids come trick or treating.” – Brandi G.

2. “I work outpatient but dress up and have candy to pass out to each of my patients. Of course, I keep a stash for all diet needs so everyone gets a treat!” – Charity W.

3. “I am retired now but in the OR I started a below-the-knee costume contest years ago ! What a morale boost for the OR. Great fun, even some of the surgeons participated.” – Donna M.

4. “I managed to get nearly all of my coworkers to dress up for Halloween! The patients absolutely LOVED it and it cheered them all up immensely (I work at an outpatient oncology center).” – Sandy W.

5. “One year we had a haunted house and the residents were involved. Kids went through and other residents passed out candy! They love it!” – Brenda A.

6. “Family members bring children dressed in costumes and residents pass out candy from their ‘homes’ (they sit by their room doors). Some residents dress up as well. It’s fun to watch. The residents love seeing the kiddos.” – Patricia J.

7. “I work in a long-term care facility with mostly elderly residents. Our fabulous recreational therapists are decorating the building in a Wizard of Oz theme and we invite the daycare center next door to trick-or-treat!” – Jane G.

8. “Hide all the candy from the diabetic patients. LOL.” – Brenda M.

9. “I work in labor and delivery. I make ghosts on a card out of the babies’ foot prints and give them to the mummies and daddies!” – Linda D.

10. “I work in an outpatient facility now: I decorate the triage doors, decorate the glass doors to the peds play room and wear my Halloween scrubs. The pediatric (and some adult patients) smile/comment. We need to have some fun, once in awhile.” – Di M.

11. “I wear my Halloween scrubs and encourage my patients to dress up, too. Even if it’s just a cool bow-tie or mask.” – Aleena D.

How do you bring fun to your patients on Halloween? Let us know in a comment!

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