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We know this may come as a shock to you, but even nurses get hurt sometimes. The difference between nurses and average citizens, however, is that nurses have the knowledge and ability to take care of most at-home injuries. Here are some nursey superhero tricks for at-home first aid, posted on our ScrubsMagazine Facebook page:

1. “Sanitary pad for bleeding wounds.” —Lorraine H.

2. “Toothpaste on small superficial burns after 10 to 20 minutes under cool water—takes the pain out of it; great for small children.” —Renee C.

3. “Coconut oil—heals anything I’ve ever used it on with minimal scarring!” —Janasse M.

4. “Regular tampons for a nose bleed. Chilled flour for burns.” —Jess M. 

5. “Honey and sugar on chapped lips. Exfoliates and soothes.” —Jessica P.

6. “Rolled-up newspapers secured with tape for a makeshift splint.” —Kim W.

7. “Milk for chemicals in the eyes.” —Lora M.

8. “Candy canes for nausea. I have terrible car sickness, so I always have peppermint candy canes on me.” —Julia N.

9. “Loose tobacco dampened and applied to a wasp or bee sting is soothing (just be sure the stinger is out)”. —Helen H. 

10. “Daddy’s big wooly work socks wrapped around the head Rambo-style to put pressure on a head wound after a playground mishap.” —Shay E.

11. “Clean cloth and lipstick as vaselinized gauze for bleeding wounds.” —Roi A. 

12. “Super-glue shallow cuts closed.” —Malissa M.

What’s missing from the list, nurses? Share your hurt-at-home cures in a comment below!

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