12 of your most “nurse eye roll–worthy” moments!

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Last month we held a contest asking readers to tell us about their first “nurse eye roll moments,” and we received some great and hilarious responses that we just had to share with you. Get ready to giggle!

And a huge CONGRATS to our two winners, each of whom received a copy of Becoming Nursey by Scrubs contributor Kati Kleber, BSN, RN. (Psst! You can read an excerpt from the book here!)

My first “nurse eye roll moment” was…

“During the first week of clinical, I was giving a patient a shower and she pooped in my hand. IN MY HAND! God bless gloves!”
—Danielle B.

“When a student nurse was doing a drug round with a senior staff nurse, [she] was given two aminophylline suppositories to administer to a patient with dyspnea (difficulty breathing). As I walked past, I noticed the patient sitting with a suppository sticking out of each nostril! The poor student had asked what the suppositories were for, and was told by her superior that they were to help the patient to breathe and had been told to ‘stick them where you think they should go’!”
Jane R.

And here are 10 honorable mentions that will make you laugh!

“When my psychotic patient stripped down naked and yelled, ‘I have a penis!’”
—Ashley B.

“When my name is being called so many times over the intercom a patient actually calls out just to have me come in the room and say, ‘My dear, I keep hearing your name so many times, I just wanted to make sure you were okay!’ She then proceeds to talk to me for 15 minutes….”
—Breanne S.

“When my patient raised hell calling me while he was on the toilet. ‘I finally got a fluffy one!’ he said.”
—Shabnam M.

“After spending 45 minutes getting patient bathed and sheets changed for the night in ICU, doctor comes by and gives order for enemas till clear for a procedure in a.m.”
—Rebecca G.

“As a new nurse, administering GI preps on a med-surg unit. An elderly patient called me in to tell me our water was bad and had given them diarrhea. It was actually the GoLYTELY, not water.”
—Kate K.

“My first nurse eye roll–worthy moment was when my patient told me her pain was a 10/10 as she sat on the edge of the bed, completely happy, reading a magazine and watching a talk show.”
—Mary O.

“A patient was receiving IV Solu-Medrol for breathing problems. The patient was confused due to dementia, so I told the family member what I was giving her. She asked what Solu-Medrol was, and I told her a corticosteroid. Her next response was, ‘Is that going to give her muscles?’ I replied, ‘No, it’s not that kind of steroid,’ and went to on explain what it did. I just had to laugh once I left the room.”
—Gina L.

“When a patient from a different state came to the ER for a refill on meds. She wanted the ER doctor to call her doctor….”
—Kelly C.

“A doctor wanted staff to have training on identifying fainting patients.”
—Desiree P.

“When I just gave my patient a bed bath and clean clothes, and then I smelled that I needed to do that all over again!”
—Rebecca D.

Got a great “nurse eye roll moment” of your own? Share it in the comments below!



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7 Responses to 12 of your most “nurse eye roll–worthy” moments!

  1. Tribalrose13

    Had an older male patient who wore briefs due to incontinence, the cna kept finding mucous in the brief and reporting it. It went on for days before she figured out on her own that he was masterbating several times a day. The nurses knew and never told her, she was livid!

  2. carolslee1949

    A new LVN grad had been told to give his patient a Tylenol suppository, as the patient had a 102 temp. When the RN team leader was getting the end of shift report, she asked the new grad if the patient had had results from the suppository. He responded that the patient had not had a bowel movement yet. Besides rolling my eyes, I had to excuse myself and go into the restroom where I laughed until I nearly peed myself. I realize that we are all new at one time, but this was beyond ridiculous!

  3. nurseanne

    A dementia care resident(aged care) was fecally incontinent and the feces cane out of the top of his pants, he said ‘what’s this’and wiped it on my shirt

  4. sandralewis24

    When a brand new baby nurse told me in report that the aricept and namenda the patient started two days ago was really working because the patient remembered his name. I couldn’t help but point out the visible name tag along with the name written on the dry erase board at the.beginning of the shift.

  5. NeeNee

    While triaging a patient in the ER complaining of vaginal discharge, I asked how long she has been having the discharge. Her reply: “I only have it after I have sex”.

  6. SnowB

    My first nurse eye roll moment was when I was called to a residents room”STAT” because she had a big bowel movement that she pooped in a bath basin just to show me how big it was & I was in the middle of eating my lunch

  7. Angela Austin

    I took my 85 year old patient to the washroom, where he proceeded to pull down his adult diaper, look me in the eye…and masturbate. All I could think of was my instructor telling us “that under no circumstances were we to leave our patients unattended.” I corrected her that afternoon at the end of the shift.