12 problems only nurses have!

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I discovered the “First World Problems” meme on the Internet the other day and thought to myself, “What are some great ‘First World Problems’ that only nurses could relate to?” Somehow my list morphed into haphazard blunders that miigggght have happened to me. Enjoy the laughs…any of these ever happen to you?


12 problems only nurses have!

1. Am I the only one who cannot open a blister packaged pill?

  • Child-proof? I need special training to open these things!

2. Why do the patients who cannot swallow have the most PO meds (pills)?

  • A pill to counteract the side effects of pill #1, and then another pill to prevent the side effects of pill #2… seriously? Take. One. Pill. At. A. Time.

3. Why are the largest patients put in the smallest rooms?

  • Can you say packed like sardines?! These same patients usually code, or have some sort of bedside procedure that requires everybody and their brother to be in the room at the same time!

4. Do any of the remote controls actually work in patient rooms?

  • Either I fix and reprogram the remote or my patient will hit the call bell every five minutes wanting to know where maintenance is to fix this oh-so-obvious emergency.

5. Why are there only two room temperature settings: frozen tundra or sauna hot?

  • I’m either sweating buckets or I can see my breath in the air.

6. Why does your patient have another linen-soiling bowel movement immediately after a complete bed change?

  • Seriously?! What did I do wrong?

7. Why does the IV pump alarm “air in pump”…when I can’t visibly see a single one?!

  • I swear, the IV pump has it out for me

8. Anyone else notice that the most important alarms are the least audible?

  • A fog horn sound when a “limb lead is off,” but the “V-tach” alarm sounds like a cricket.

9. Is it just me, or when other nurses get pulled to work with you, the unit is almost too quiet, giving the impression we do nothing but sit at the nurses station?

  • I swear, Karma has a sick sense of humor some times.

10. Am I the only one who sets up a piggyback infusion, programs the pump and walks away, only to realize when the pump alarms “infusion complete” that I forgot to unclamp the tubing?

  • Sure, I have the time to do that all over again.

11. Ever filled up a graduate with urine only to realize, traveling halfway to the toilet, that the graduate was cracked and leaking? No, me neither.

  • I swear, sometimes I’m looking for the Candid Camera crew.

12. Ever spike a bag of IV fluid (or blood) and pierce the bag? Nope, me neither.

  • Seriously??!!

I’m not making this stuff up! And only a fellow nurse could relate to some of these”‘hang-ups” that are not tragic in anyway, but have a habit of showing up when you least need it.

As always, take my list with a grain of salt. Be sure to laugh (whether with someone or at yourself!), it’s sometimes the only thing that gets you through the tough times!

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9 Responses to 12 problems only nurses have!

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  2. saturn567

    Sean just love your articles I can really relate to them, I am going for my msn too, and I just wondered do you like being an NP so far?

  3. angietorres

    Love it…i can really relate to them…keep up the good work…

  4. MombyRN

    I learned that “knock on would” really works. I have also SEEN the true effects of a full moon on LTC residents and hospital patients.

  5. tgomez

    When I’m assign to pt on isolation I tried to get everything that I need begore I go inside

    As soon as I get in with gown the doctor calls or lab call or I remember I forgot something so i have to take out everything gown mask gloves
    That drive me nuts

  6. AcuteLife

    13. Ever have a pt’s liquid stool run down your leg & fill your shoe? And then try to not show on your face how you really feel? “No, no, don’t worry. These things happen sometime! After all I did just give you that bowel prep.” While at the same time wondering if it would be inappropiate to throw your shoes & pants into the nearest trash can & then run for the locker room?

  7. Michelle Nation

    Running into a room that just had the code button pushed with the code cart, only to knock over the trash can, that had 800ml of fresh urine in a urinal hanging off the side, which is now oozing under the soles of everyone’s favorite shoes.

    Nope, never done that, wink, wink!

  8. yourstrulysethy

    I love #2, so true! And # 1! I also wish there was a class on buttoning up those darn patient gowns! 😉

    Great list!

  9. Tammy Morley

    Holy cow… how funny! I giggled all the way through it, because I’ve experienced almost every one! Loved it!