12 regrettable Halloween costumes for nurses


My, My Murse
Well, at least there is one of these out there to counterbalance the thousands of slutty female nurse outfits. We hope they aren’t charging too much for this one, since it’s kind of…brief. They couldn’t even get the guy wearing the thing to smile at this photo shoot. He’s thinking, I know I’m an underwear model, but I do have standards!


Bodies—the Exhibitionist

In all honesty, this one is pretty cool from a purely scientific standpoint (and gives one a whole new layer of appreciation for Heidi Klum). If you enjoyed visiting “Bodies, the Exhibition” with all those well-preserved humans, this might be the costume for you. Just stay far, far away from small children. Their parents will never be able to convince them that there is no Boogeyman in the closet if they see this walking, talking monstrosity in real life.


For the Boys
This outfit takes the sexy soldier meme and the sexy nurse meme and rolls them up into a tasteless little Tootsie Roll of Halloween costume hell. Women still have far too much trouble getting the respect they deserve in both military and healthcare jobs, and this stuff isn’t helping. The designers and manufacturers of this garbage should bear in mind the main thing nurses and soldiers have in common—they can kill you!


Does my experience make me look lazy?

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