12 regrettable Halloween costumes for nurses


Psyching You Out
You might think that having a costume party at work would be fun. But if you work on the psych ward or the Alzheimer’s ward, it can pose an ethical dilemma. It seems like pretty much any outfit could be offensive or triggering in this context. One nurse confesses to wearing Chip & Dale scrubs (featuring chipmunks, not male strippers) to work for Halloween. The outfit seemed lighthearted and fun…except that it had “Go Nuts” printed on it. Oops!


Dead Sexy
Dressing up as a zombie nurse is actually not that hard. If you’ve ever put in two back-to-back shifts, you’ve already achieved that look without even trying. Also, you might actually chew somebody’s face off if they get between you and the coffeemaker. But the “sexy” zombie nurse? Kill me now.


Nurse Impostor!
Why does this one make the list? Because anyone who hasn’t been through the death march of nursing school and the mind-breaking chaos of real floor work doesn’t deserve to wear the uniform! Actually, it would be pretty funny to swap out a coworker’s scrubs with these for a day. Watch them get frustrated trying to get the fake pen out of the fake pocket over and over….


Jane Doe Body Bag
The male version of the body bag is actually (wait for it…) a body bag! Of COURSE the female version is more like a “booty bag”! This costume is called the Jane Doe and supposedly makes the wearer look hotter than a morgue on fire. But we think it should be called the Ophelia…short for necrophilia. We give it two toe tags down.


Florence Nightmare
We have to give this one props for at least covering the model’s pudendum. But can we stop it with the whole “Angel of Death” bit? There haven’t really been that many psychopathic “mercy killers” in the history of nursing when you look at the profession as a whole. Let’s euthanize this theme once and for all.


Allergic Much?
You know how much you love the feel of those latex exam gloves as you snap them against your skin? Yeah, didn’t think so. Imagine clothing your entire torso in a nurse costume that literally fits you like a glove. Watch out at your next party. It will be hard to tell if the people around you are gagging at your poor taste or going into anaphylactic shock from latex exposure.


Pretend Patient
This is probably the stupidest costume a nurse has ever worn to work (and it’s really happened). Can you imagine traipsing down the hall in a backless gown while your coworkers stand by, snickering? They would immediately start scheming about what unpleasant treatments they could provide now that you’ve fallen into their clutches at last. You’re in for more tricks than treats!


Does my experience make me look lazy?

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