12 signs that it’s time to take a nurse vacation

If you find yourself doing any of these things throughout your day, it may be time to submit your vacation request…STAT!

1. You see pictures of your non-nurse friends having fun at work and respond accordingly:


2. You can no longer filter the words that come out of your mouth:


3. Or the expressions that show on your face:


4. You find pleasure in doing one thing, and one thing alone during your shift:

Okay, so it’s more like this:


5. You have become far too comfortable with your lack of a social life:


6. You want to respond to even the simplest requests with:


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5 Responses to 12 signs that it’s time to take a nurse vacation

  1. heyyou86

    My biggest desire was a chance to spend more than 30 seconds every 6 hours relieving my overinflated bladder.

  2. heyyou86

    And by the way is it wrong to smack a surgeon for saying “that’s what I like to see”…almost every time you are crouched in front of him adjusting a bovie foot pedal. Really you think that is funny or will make you seem witty or intelligent? Ummmm no it doesn’t, Sir. In 25 years I never was able to come up with a witty and appropriate reply.

    • litlmo65

      tell him you’d like to see HIM on his knees in front of a judge begging for leniency for the sexual harassment lawsuit you’ll be bringing against him if he says it one more time to ANY nurse.

    • kimmik

      Heyyou86, in response to what the surgeon said to you while you are adjusting equipment, I would smile a big smile and say in a questionable tone ,” If I only had something to work with ? ” then I would give a small smirk.

  3. luvlee

    When someone asks your spouse if you are still married…..