12 things to never say to older and younger coworkers

To a Younger Coworker: “The real world doesn’t work like that.”

Gen-Y workers have the bad rep of acting entitled and spoiled all while having a bad work ethic, but you can’t assume that all younger workers are this way. There are hardworking younger workers out there, and the ones you’re working with must have stronger work ethics than most (I mean, they got the job, didn’t they?)

It’s true — younger workers may not know as much as you, but they probably know just as much as you did when you were their age. So don’t tell your younger coworkers what the “real world” is about. It’s condescending and implies they don’t know any better, which they very well could.

Above all, keep your mind open to what younger coworkers might be able to teach you — they might just have a trick or two up their scrub sleeves!

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