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12-Year-Old Arrives at Hospital Nine Months Pregnant and the Authorities Have Questions


Providers were shocked to see such a young girl come into the hospital with a baby on the way. Authorities say Juan Miranda-Jara, 24, walked into Hillcrest Hospital in Tulsa, OK on July 14th with the young pregnant girl. The doctors called the police and told them they had a potential rape on their hands. Miranda-Jara was then arrested and charged with first-degee rape of a minor. However, the man’s relationship to the girl remains unknown.

Reporting a Crime

No one knew exactly what was going on when Miranda-Jara and the young girl arrived at the hospital. After the staff called the police, the man told them he was the father of the baby. He didn’t seem to understand why everyone was so upset.

“They walked in just like any other couple would, excited to deliver their newborn child,” said Tulsa Police Officer Danny Bean.

Officers say Miranda-Jara was fully expecting to go home with the girl after her baby was delivered, unaware that he had basically just confessed to a crime. He also said he has been in a relationship with the girl since October of last year. The age of consent is 16 in Oklahoma.

“We don’t get this kind of call every day,” Bean said. “It certainly was a surprise for everyone involved.”

“It’s kind of bizarre. It’s a different way of doing it, instead of a parent reporting it, the actual suspect brought the child in and then admitted it was his,” he added.

While Miranda-Jara was arrested and charged with rape, the exact details of his relationship with the young mother remain unknown. He is currently being held on a $50,000 bond with a court date scheduled for August 26th.

“We know there are many people in the community who are shocked by this, grossed out by this, disturbed by this, have questions, a whole range of emotions,” Bean added.  

“But in time, we will be able to give the community the answers they want. We just don’t have all the answers right now to give them, and we don’t want to compromise the investigation that’s still happening and really just now getting started.”

Authorities are also trying to figure out how the young girl, who must be in 5th or 6th grade, had managed to conceal her pregnancy for so long without arousing suspicion or concern. They also don’t know how Miranda-Jara first obtained access to the girl.

“We don’t believe this is incest at this time,” Bean revealed, but he wasn’t able to provide additional information about their relationship.

The police are waiting to comment further on the case until they have more information. Bean said investigators will need to go back at least nine months to when the girl first became pregnant. He added that it’s possible Miranda-Jara could face additional charges, depending on what they find.

Miranda-Jara’s Facebook profile shows that he was in a relationship with the girl. Photos show the two at what appears to be a baby shower.

The girl commented that everyone’s life is different and that she has the support of people close to her in terms of having the child and raising it on her own. Some of Miranda-Jara’s relatives seem to appear in the photo, which suggests they were aware of his relationship with a minor.

In one image, he seems to pose with the pregnant 12-year-old, who’s wearing a floral dress and a festive sash, with pink and gold balloons and a cupcake tower in the background.

Providers say the child is healthy and there were no complications during the pregnancy. The 12-year-old was then released from the hospital – just without her boyfriend.

Steven Briggs
Steven Briggs is a healthcare writer for Scrubs Magazine, hailing from Brooklyn, NY. With both of his parents working in the healthcare industry, Steven writes about the various issues and concerns facing the industry today.

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