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13 Ways to Tell if You’re a Nurse (pt. 2)


You know you are a nurse when
Part 2 to “You Know You’re a Nurse When…” article.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so during Nurses Week 2016, we asked our Funny Nurses family to fill in the blank after “You know you’re a NURSE when…” (above) and we got some pretty great responses! We think you’ll relate – see below:

You know you’re a NURSE when (pt 2)…

1. When your totally comfortable eating your soup out of a new sterile urine cup using a tongue depressor for a spoon because you could not locate either, and forgot your at home. – Keli Ray

2. You hear a wound vac, iv pump, feeding pump, and call bell go off in your sleep. Only to realize it’s your alarm. – April Walton

3. You look at people’s arms while you’re going about your daily life and think “damn you’ve got great veins. I’d easily get a line in you.” – Sarah Whiting

4. You can discuss color, odor, and consistency of bodily fluids over lunch. – Cassie Ngo

5. You begin to love the smell of alcohol pads and the automatic sanitize gel. – Celeste Pierini

6. When you see a health related post on social media and your first instinct is to research the claim to see if it is proven true through evidence based practice. – Darcey Howe

7. When you did the job and the doctor that visited just twice gets all the credit. – Abdullahi G Goni

8. When it’s your day off and you hear a siren and wonder where it’s going and who got hurt. – Laurie Julian

9. When you use micropore/Dsg tape as regular sitcky tape… – Jeannie Furler

10. When the Pharmacist hands over your Trimethoprim prescription and the first thing you say is “I don’t have a UTI…” – Kelly Ramsay

11. When always signing RN after my name. – Catherine Sison Salas

12. When we say “You look different with clothes on,” to our coworkers outside of work and don’t get embarrassed. – Jennifer N Darrell Holt

13. When a patient tells you they’ve had a bowel movement and your response is “Awesome” and a high five. – Mar Barr

See the original Facebook post here for some more relatable laughs, groans, and sighs!


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