15 energy-boosting snacks for nurses on the go

Image: iStockphoto | Thinkstock

For a nursing professional whose schedule barely allows for a lunch, a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack can be crucial for warding off fatigue, jitters or the inability to concentrate while tending to patients.

However, don’t let your busy day cause you to head for the vending machine on your break—it’s important to avoid snacks with simple carbohydrates and simple sugars. Indulging in these low-energy snacks can cause your blood sugar to spike and won’t give you the nutritious energy boost that you’ll need to help you last through the day.

Instead, focus on whole foods to help you stay satiated. An energy-boosting snack should be made up of fat and protein to minimize the impact on your blood sugar. Below are 15 high-energy snacks that will help you stay fueled between meals. All of the below suggestions can be used as a pick-me-up before work or can be packed for a mid-shift bite:

1. A handful (or 2 tbsp.) of almonds
2. 10 black or 5 green olives
3. An Atkins bar or shake
4. Celery sticks stuffed with 2 tbsp. cream cheese
5. 5 Cucumber rounds with tuna salad
6. 2 slices of ham rolled around 3 green beans
7. 1 or 2 deviled eggs
8. 1 to 2 oz. string cheese
9. 1 piece of beef or turkey jerky (cured without the sugar)
10. 2 oz. cheddar cheese wrapped in a lettuce leaf
11. ½ cup of whole milk yogurt with fresh berries
12. 5 red pepper strips with a nutty cheese dip (a blend of cream cheese, cheddar cheese, hot pepper sauce, cayenne pepper and pecans)
13. ½ cup of cottage cheese topped with 2 tbsp. no-sugar-added salsa
14. 2 chunks of melon wrapped with smoked salmon
15. 2 slices of tomato with mozzarella

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