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15 romantic comedies starring the nurse!


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Nurse-doctor romances, extreme stereotypes and crazy inaccuracies—yep, sounds like your typical medical movie to us!

We asked our Facebook fans to come up with the title for a romantic comedy starring a nurse.

Check out the hilarious results below!

15 romantic comedies starring the nurse!

1. Beauty and the Bedpan
Synopsis: A gorgeous nurse discovers a basement bedpan. Little does she know that there’s more to this enchanting bedpan until she discovers it can tell her fortune!
—Carol Hannibal

2. Miss Hospitality ♥
Synopsis: A beautiful nurse has such an impeccable bedside manner that all the patients have fallen in love with her and refuse to give up their beds.
—Mary Beth Martin

3. Mandatory Overtime
Synopsis: An overworked charge nurse’s husband has had enough of never seeing his wife! Hilarity ensues when he schedules her for mandatory overtime…in the bedroom!
—Labecka Madrigal

4. Love Takes Patients
Synopsis: Nurse Love is in for a surprise when he learns that his newest patient is his high school sweetheart. Sparks fly in this heartwarming tale of forgiveness and lost love found.
—Rebekah Hudgins

5. Nurse Cath
Synopsis: When she finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her with the charge nurse, Catherine looks for ways to take revenge—but finds true love instead!
—Joshua Lee De Leon

6. Epi, Pray, Love ♥
Synopsis: A worn-out nurse embarks on a round-the-world adventure with nothing but an epi pen and the desire for love to keep him going.
—Kelli Whatley Johnson

7. Bedside Manner
Synopsis: A grumpy nurse has no interest in honing his bedside manner—until he falls in love with a beautiful patient.
—Kahne Lynn Prejean

8. Code on the Commode
Synopsis: Sparks fly when two enemy nurses are accidentally locked in a bathroom together and discover a mutual attraction.
—Mary Moore Folsom

9. Love Overdose
Synopsis: Just when one nurse thought he was done with love…he meets the pharmacist of his dreams with a prescription for his heart.
—Mark Hernandez

10. Strangers in the NOC
Synopsis: Hijinks ensue when a nurse discovers that her most recent one-night stand is her new colleague.
—Arlene Wroblewski Hudgens

11. Love in Scrubs
Synopsis: Nurse Darryl had always been unlucky in love until he bought a pair of magic scrubs from a mysterious man on the street. Now he can get any woman in the world—except the one he really wants!
—Debbie Chesshir Nicholson

12. Call Light Within Reach
Synopsis: When an amnesiac patient locks eyes with his nurse, he can remember glimpses of his past. Love grows as the patient tries to learn who he is with the help of his beautiful nurse.
—Stephanie Patterson Watkins

13. Sleepless in the Hospital
Synopsis: On the night of a rare eclipse, romance blossoms on every floor of a hospital.
—Sandy Grambow

14. Lovesick
Synopsis: A nurse’s marriage is falling apart because of his busy schedule, but he has one last attempt to make everything right—in one crazy night!
—Peggy Johns Sylvanowicz

15. Hellooo Nurse!
Synopsis: Love slowly grows between a nurse and her most annoying patient.
—Karen Starr Brown

What would you name a romantic comedy starring a nurse?

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