15 ways nursing will change your life

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The nursing profession is changing. The average age of nurses and the average number of years of nursing experience both are decreasing. As a nurse with close to a decade of experience, I’m considered old.

I often wonder what the newer generations think they are getting into when they choose our profession. What do they think their job will be like? What do they think we actually do? How do they decide and say to themselves, “That’s what I want to do, that’s what I want to be”? I’ve recently discovered a lot of nurses are finding out the hard way what nursing is really like.

This is the REAL world of nursing:

1. Your feet will hurt.
2. Your back will ache.
3. You’ll start grinding your teeth in your sleep (if you didn’t already start in nursing school).

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6 Responses to 15 ways nursing will change your life

  1. valerie puryear

    If you think a decade in nursing makes you old,imagine having 38 years in the profession! I have been blessed to work with underserved patients for the last 3 years-we do get thank you’s and hugs. Also we serve as a clinical area for three different nursing schools. I hope I am giving these students a taste of what nursing is all about. I have been “on call” for the last 3 years and have been witness to some amzing encounters. It may not be for everyone, but for those of us lucky enough to be nurses, there are many rewards.

  2. davidsimpson

    I agree Nursing is really not for everyone :) but it is definitely for a my sister..a proud and successful nurse now who continue to inspire a lot of people and get admired for what she’s doing. :) Great job sis and to all nurses out their who continue to work with passion even with so much sacrifice to make.


  3. saturn567

    love your articles they alert you of reality yet appraise you of the benefits of being a nurse

  4. annjul76 RN

    I couldn’t have wrote it better myself. As a floor nurse and now ER nurse for 10+plus years, I can say that I have experienced both the negatives and positives on the two lists.

  5. retired RN

    after reading the first list…. i thought that anyone who is not a nurse would say: what was i thinking when i signed up for this ??? after reading the second list, i thought THIS is what i spent 45 years of my life doing !! now happily retired……………

  6. Jo-Ann1983

    So true. I have been nursing for 33years and no matter how my shift goes, at the end of the day I always feel good that I made a positive difference in someone’s life today. Semi-retired RN.