16 sure signs that you’re a nurse


8. When you’re overwhelmed and the charge nurse tries to assign you “just ONE more” patient:


9. When you hand over a patient to the incoming nurse and neglect to mention that he/she is a complete train wreck:


10. When you accidentally let unpleasant thoughts slip out of your mouth (hey, it happens when you’re hungry and sleep-deprived!):


11. When a patient starts a sentence with “Well, WebMD said…”:


12. When you start to wonder what will make you snap first, hunger or fatigue:


13. When you finish your shift, but lack the energy to make it out of the front door on your own:


14. When you get home and try to make sense of your day:


15. When you wake up the next morning and realize that you have to do it ALL over again:


16. When you remember that you’re an amazing nurse and no matter what you go through, it’s ALL worth it!

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