17 things (and people!) nurses are most thankful for

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It’s no secret: We think nurses are pretty awesome. And—no surprise here—you and your peers do as well! Nursing is a tough job, and you know that in order to give your patients the best care possible, you have to rely on your well-oiled team to keep things running smoothly. In the spirit of teamwork, we asked our readers as well as Inspired Comfort Award winners who and what they’re most thankful for on the job. Read on for their insightful, touching and very telling responses!
17 things (and people!) nurses are most thankful for:

1. I’m a new grad nurse, and after two weeks with a preceptor, I had the worst possible first day on my own. A few hours into my shift, my patient fell. I felt like I had done something wrong (even though the cause was multifactorial) and my confidence was totally destroyed for the day. My coworker noticed I was having a hard time and pulled me aside in an empty room. She told me her first nursing mistake story and reminded me that stuff happens and it doesn’t mean you are a bad nurse—you just have to keep working hard and ask for help when you need it. And it’s okay to cry. She then asked me for a quick report on my patients and told me to take 20 minutes for myself. I cannot express how grateful I am for her and my other coworkers who have helped me make the transition from new grad to nurse.

2. Perhaps the most deserved thanks is to the MA I work with who constantly refers to herself as “just a medical assistant.” You are so much more than that. You are so skilled with blood draws that you find a vein even on the arm of long-term IV drug users who have blown the majority of them. You are an IT genius and the go-to girl when someone’s computer isn’t working right. Your medical knowledge is invaluable to a newbie like myself. But most of all, you are not thanked enough, and I just want to tell you I appreciate it.

3. As a nurse, I love my work because I love people. Healthy people are the building blocks to everything that is good and true in life. We sit with, encourage and comfort the sick while doing all that is humanly possible to restore the highest level of wellness. This brings joy to my soul.
Sergeant Major Michael Robinson, Grand Prize Winner, LPN, Inspired Comfort Awards

4. The person I would like to thank is the hardest worker I know. This is the person who is rarely sitting down, eager to help, completely compassionate and knows her limitations. The person I want to thank is the nursing assistant I work with. I work in a small community, and it really helps to have that extra insight that the CNA gives. The CNA I’m talking about usually doesn’t get a break because she doesn’t have to fill out the paperwork like I do. The CNA I’m talking about is the one who is down the hall, probably more frequently than all the other staff together, and is the one who gets the least amount of recognition. The CNA I’m talking about is the one who manages to take time with each and every patient. This particular CNA is already an excellent nurse! Though she isn’t recognized daily, I want her to know that all of her help and her compassion really don’t go unnoticed. Thank you, Amanda, for all you do.

5. I want to give a huge THANK YOU to my APRN at work, Valerie. She is awesome and wonderful to work with, and if it were not for her, I would have probably found a different job two years ago. We work in a SNU-LTC unit and the stress can be relentless. The workload exceeds the time allowed on every shift and attempting to give real care to patients really takes a toll on us. She does a wonderful job of utilizing me to follow up on all the daily tasks throughout the shifts WITHOUT making me feel dumped on. We respect each other for what we do and it helps improve the care we give. I thank her for treating me with respect.
—Brandi RN

6. I can’t even begin to thank you [Inspired Comfort Awards] enough, not just for me, but for the way this award empowers nurses. In a job where we are walking in the rock-bottom places with people, it’s hard to see what a covering impact it has.
Barbianne Davis, National Winner, RN, Inspired Comfort Awards

7. I want to thank my study partner Laverne, whose humor, patience and willingness to “cuss and discuss” our tests, homework and everything else have helped me tremendously over the past three semesters.

8. Thank you to all of my nurses for your incomparable compassion toward others.

9. Thank you to all of my night crew, but especially to my nurse techs. Without you as my backbone, my job would be IMPOSSIBLE. I appreciate you and could NOT do my job without you. You are strong, smart and professional in all you do. I cannot express enough gratitude for your hard work and support. I love each of you and thank God for your choice to work with me.

10. I am just so blessed to have a loving and supportive family at home and work! Everything in my career and my life I have done to help others and to help find a cure, I never dreamed I would be honored [with an Inspired Comfort Award]. I feel beyond blessed to be surrounded by wonderful nurses and leaders who really believe in me, especially Julia, who nominated me. I feel I could conquer the world because people like Julia believe in me!
—Korinne Ashlock, Top National Winner, LPN, Inspired Comfort Awards

11. Thank you to my awesome coworker Libby, who is always willing to join me taking care of the “poopscapades” at work!

12. It was from our promise to [son] Kyle that the Kyle Zuleg Foundation was created. We wanted to give back to other organ donor families…I wanted to help other families going through the organ donation process and to help bring awareness to organ donation after the loss of Kyle.
—Jill Zuleg, Top National Winner, RN, Inspired Comfort Awards

13. Every clinical rotation I always say it doesn’t matter how big, how bad, how difficult the patient or day; if you have a good nurse willing to share her experiences and insight, give applicable constructive critiques and genuinely appreciate any help you have to offer, then it’s all worth it. The nurses who remember to be in my shoes as a student make or break the learning experience. And to those nurses who are willing to do all that and more, I give a big heartfelt thank you. You are awesome and appreciated more than you know. Thank you from your eager nursing student.

14. As a new nurse, I am ever so grateful to my coworkers, who have embraced me with open arms and taken so much of their own time to show me how everything works at the hospital and teach me the skills I need to be a great nurse. I am learning new things every day thanks to them!

15. I was very honored and humbled by the [Inspired Comfort] award. All I could think of was the great opportunity to have another platform to educate the medical community and the community at large all over the country on bleeding disorders. My greatest desire is to raise awareness and increase diagnosis of bleeding disorders in women. It is such a wonderful opportunity to educate and empower others to advocate for themselves or their family members.
—Linda Wyman-Collins, Grand Prize Winner, RN, Inspired Comfort Awards

16. Thank you to my preceptor, who leads by example, never ignored a call light just because it wasn’t our patient (unless we were busy with our own patients) and inspired me by being the kind of nurse I want to be.

17. I just celebrated my first anniversary at my hospital. I was picked up as a new grad straight into my hospital’s ICU. I want to say thank you to everyone from the director who hired me to all my coworkers who have helped teach me everything I know now. I am very lucky to work with such an amazing group of nurses who have always been there for me and never let me drown. I want to say thank you to all of them!

Who or what are you most thankful for when you’re on the job?

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