18 beauty hacks for busy nurses


A little trick can go a long way, and these beauty hacks for busy nurses are proof of just that. Take back the morning (or the seven minutes you call “lunch”) by putting a few of them to good use.

1. Spare time for a manicure? <— LOL!

Give your nails some TLC without having to battle for a slot in the salon by mixing 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide solution with 4 tablespoons of baking soda and ½ cup of hot water. Let your nails soak for about one minute, repeating the process until you’re satisfied with their cleaner, healthier look. Don’t forget to apply topcoat to seal the deal.


2. Is your hair constantly falling out of place, even when it’s styled? Coat your bobby pins in hairspray before slipping them into place for a more secure hold.

3. Speaking of pins, if you’re aiming for a really combat-worthy bun, try swapping out your regular bobby pins for their cousin on steroids—the spin pin.


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4. Have some thick ol’ hair that’s a real pain to wash and dry, but have bangs that don’t quite sit right after putting in a hard day’s work? Try skipping a full hair-washing and only rinse your bangs in the sink instead. Another lifesaver for busy mornings: a hands-free blow-dryer (yes—they do exist).

5. Wish you had some thick ol’ hair that’s a real pain to wash and dry? If you’ve got dark hair, you can cheat. Use dark eye shadow to fill in your hairline and achieve (what looks like) thicker, fuller hair in just seconds. Magical, isn’t it?

6. Feel like today is a “waves” day, but as per usual, the time just isn’t there? Separate your hair into a few thick pieces, braid the pieces and then run your flat iron several times over each braid. Voilà—waves!

7. Are flyaway hairs totally killing your updo vibe? Use a toothbrush as a mini comb by coating it with hairspray and brushing flyaway strands back into place.

8. Since we’re on a hairspray kick, we figured we’d let you in on this little secret, too: The same trick does wonders for unruly eyebrows (insert raised hands here).


9. Here’s a real time-saver if you’re trying to get ready in a flash: By coating the top surface of your eyelash curler with eyeliner, you can curl your eyelashes and apply eyeliner to your top lid simultaneously.


10. Before applying your mascara, dab some baby powder onto your eyelashes with a Q-tip for fuller-looking lashes.

11. To look more awake (#TheStruggleIsReal), line your inner lower lid using white eyeliner, as opposed to your usual black. The swap may just add the illusion of about two extra hours to your beauty sleep.

12. Lipstick is great and all…for five minutes…until it’s hardly visible, and then you no longer want to bring your hands close to your face (think: germs galore). For longer-lasting lips, apply the color, cover your lips with a tissue and dust them with a translucent powder. We aren’t exactly sure about the science behind this one, but it seems to be “a thing.”

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13. Has all that time you’ve been spending in the hospital pretty much killed your tan (if it ever existed)? Makeup that’s too dark for your skin tone (thanks, night shift) can be lightened with a touch of moisturizer, so you don’t have to try and fit a replacement run into your day.

14. Speaking of not having to purchase new makeup, dry and low-running mascara can be revitalized by transferring a bit of eye contact solution to the tube. Oh, but if you’ve been together for more than about three months, don’t hesitate to send that sucker to makeup heaven (RIP) to avoid a nasty eye infection.

15. Sleepy faces can look slightly less so by contouring in a number “3” pattern:

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 11.56.18 AM

16. Are you at the hospital and your eyeliner just, well—isn’t? Your mascara can do double-duty…kind of like you do during nine shifts out of 10. Just sweep an eyeliner brush against the tip of the wand to transfer the color.

17. Okay, so your makeup is on…great. Let’s keep things that simple by introducing an inexpensive makeup sealer to the morning routine. Six hours later when your face hasn’t rubbed off entirely, you’ll be happy you did.

The little things:

18. Have a subtle scent that your patients love? Rub a tiny bit of Vaseline onto the surface of your skin before spraying your perfume to help the scent put in more hours of work for you.

Source: 44 Lazy Girl Beauty Hacks to Try Right Now

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