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My 20 tips for ringing in the new year


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Happy New Year everyone! Can you believe it’s 2011?? I can remember when we were all scrambling to ‘fix’ the Y2K problem. Time flies when you’re having fun huh?

I thought it only appropriate to share some suggestions for how to make 2011 a ‘better’ year or at least a more ‘enjoyable’ and happy year. This of course HAS to include some tips on improving our health (I know.. you’re surprised)

    1. Smile more
    2. Say thank you as often as possible
    3. Shake hands firmly and look them in the eye
    4. Don’t let anyone tell you what healthy is – you set the standard
    5. Sleep more
    6. Dedicate more time to yourself – ALONE
    7. Stand up for what and whom you believe in
    8. Don’t allow anyone to make you feel inferior
    9. Believe in the impossible
    10. Approach every day as if it was on purpose
    11. Cheating only leads to temporary success and guaranteed failure
    12. Strive to be more open-minded – there is more than one way to skin a cat
    13. Drink more water
    14. Move more
    15. Exercise and activity are only boring if you chose those which do not excite you
    16. Discover your passion and motivation for life – be sure to use it!
    17. Utilize your unlimited amount of resources to improve your situation
    18. Change is always a good thing – even in the darkest of times
    19. Sleep more. Yes, I said this twice.
    20. In the end your success and failure is entirely your fault – show them how it’s done

      Did you notice this isn’t just for Nurses? Remember my fellow colleagues we’re all still human! My hope is for this year to be ‘your’ year. Your job, your happiness, your life, your family, and your direction are there for the taking. Be sure to start the year off motivated and focused and travel this new year not losing either one!

      Happy new year everyone! Thanks for being a part of my journey.

      Scrubs Editor
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