2012 astrological forecast for nurses

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What will the year ahead bring you?

Will you get a raise? Will you get buried with a huge patient load? Will you meet your soulmate?

Here’s a fun look … just for nurses … at how things may unfold in 2012!

You’re in store for a career change this year—whether by choice or because of some administrative decisions beyond your control. The good news is that along with this career change—which will likely be into a more supervisory nursing position—there will also be a sizable increase in salary. As an Aries, you’re a mover and a shaker by nature, so this new position won’t cause you any stress. You’ll transition into it with no problem.

Since you have a tendency to be pushy, you’ll have to tread carefully in your new position at first or you’ll make enemies right off the bat. Those sensitive Pisces and Cancer nurses and doctors aren’t going to forgive and forget too quickly if you step on their toes too many times. So work hard to be perceptive of how coworkers are reacting to your words and behaviors, and pull back when necessary. Instead of calling all the shots, ask for their advice once in a while—to make them feel like you’re all part of the same team.

This is the year to treat yourself to a special vacation, so if you’re been dreaming about sunning yourself in the south of France, go! Use some of those hard-earned nursing dollars to visit one of those places on your “must see before I die” list. You may even find a little romance while you’re away. Be careful to keep your “take charge” nature in check here, too. Just go with the flow and let the romance happen.

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