2013 astrological forecast for nurses


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Is your Sun in a persistent vegetative state? Is your Moon in the house of “perpetually on call”? Does the precession of the Equinox presage a recession in the nursing profession? We put our prognosticators on the job scoping out what 2013 holds for nurses like you. We’re taking a just-for-fun look at what the coming year may bring. Put down your stethoscope and pick up your horoscope—right here at Scrubs magazine!

2013 is shaping up to be a dynamic year for you. The groundwork you’ve put in place proving that you’re at the top of your professional game as a nurse is starting to bear fruit now. If you’ve been biding your time, waiting to instigate some policy changes at your healthcare institution, this is the time to show everyone that you’ve got what it takes to fuel positive transformation. Rein in your natural Aries impetuosity. Instead, leverage your negotiation skills with tact and diplomacy to get what you want—whether that’s a better shift, more ergonomic equipment or even a better nursing job.

With your career on the upswing, you can expect more money to be coming in. That might be a fat bonus or a lucrative moonlighting opportunity that uses your health education skills. However, unexpected expenses or poor investments could reverse your fortune. This is a good time to strive for stability in your finances and put a little something aside for the future. Don’t get carried away and make risky investments or extravagant purchases (although something simple like a handmade stethoscope cover might be a nice treat!).

You can expect your family to lean on you pretty hard this year, and some significant health concerns may be in play. Since you’re a nurse, they may expect you to play a bigger role in their care than you’re prepared to commit to. In your romantic life, you may feel a little lonely—even if you’re in a relationship. You may doubt yourself and feel frustrated by poor communication. Take a deep breath and try not to dramatize or let this stuff get blown out of proportion. If you have time off available, take some days to spend with your significant other and just relax.

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