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2020: 200th Birth Year of Florence Nightingale. 100th Year of Women’s Right to Vote. COVID-19.


This post is sponsored by Cherokee Uniforms.

Last year was a challenge unlike any other, drawing on every single person to adjust the way they work, the way they live, and the way they care for their health. There wasn’t one part of 2020 that didn’t rely on teamwork, whether it was from family, colleagues, or a stranger in the street staying six feet away from you. 

Healthcare workers have been pushed to their limits during the pandemic, and so have small businesses. It’s estimated that 50% of restaurants that have been forced to close won’t reopen, and healthcare retailers are no different. In step: Allura. Cherokee Uniforms’ latest line has been engineered from the ground up, taking decades of performance and teamwork, launching it into a new line of scrubs. The line was developed to celebrate those who make up great teams, from the HCW to the small business owners. 

That’s where there’s something special about the line; it’s being sold exclusively at small business retailers who have brick and mortar locations across the country, and who have been most affected by the pandemic. The move will help boost sales by selling an exclusive line that you can’t find anywhere else. 

And sell they should. The line is impressive, to say the least. Cherokee impressively knows how to keep it inclusive, and doesn’t switch up its traditional sizing. In fact, there’s features in Allura that haven’t been cross-used in a scrubs line before. From XXS to 5XL, every body type is included, and the brand embodied that in its advertising campaign. Instead of mannequin-style models, real people, real shapes, and real stories were used to promote the line, which will be promoted across social media in the coming months. 

But in a world where scrubs have become a fashion statement, how do they feel? One could believe it’s hard to keep quality fabrics for some of the lowest prices in the market; but again, the brand performs. Four-way stretch spandex is included in the fabric and gives the necessary pull you need. The feel is soft, comfortable, and fitted without sticking to your skin. 

Elastic cuffs on the jackets and the bottoms with drawstring waistbands – it gives a fashionable clean statement; again, with function coming first. The main function being the stretch. The elevated 10% spandex that’s weaved into the fabric allows you to move and make good on the many pockets and other functions.

It’s worth noting that Cherokee has been in the game for over 25 years. Born to help healthcare professionals do what they need to do: save lives, albeit while remaining comfortable. They make sure frontline workers’ needs are ingrained in the very fabrics that create its scrubs. Dramatic? Maybe, but then again, so is saving lives. 

Allura, you may just be everything we’ve ever wanted in a scrub line: every feature we could have possibly wanted and a genius way of helping small businesses make some extra cash.


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