22 cheap ways for nurses to de-stress


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Whether you’re an palliative care nurse dealing with end-of-life care, or a nurse educator teaching the next generation of RNs, any job in nursing can be overwhelming and stressful. Learning how to manage stress and channel it through positive means is vital, not just for a successful career, but for your happiness and well-being too.

If you don’t take time to unwind, constant stress can lead to a number of physical and psychological problems, like poor concentration, depression, back pain and weight gain. It also weakens your immune system and increases your risk for cancer and cardiovascular disease.

That’s why NursingLink came up with these “22 different ways to de-stress without breaking the bank.” So hit pause, relax and indulge in some much needed (and affordable!) R&R. A hardworking nurse like you deserves it!

Here is the full list of ideas:

  1. Become a kid again
  2. Share your skills on your off-time
  3. Stretch, breathe, meditate
  4. Hang out with your funniest friend
  5. Sleep
  6. Visit the shooting range
  7. Exercise your inner artist
  8. Cook something amazing without grocery shopping
  9. Get back to basics and…hug a tree?
  10. Make your home a spa. Kind of.
  11. Get your adrenaline pumping
  12. Make to-do lists and start checking off items!
  13. Get a free or discounted massage
  14. Organize your living space
  15. Try some at-home (or in car) yoga
  16. Crank up the music and dance
  17. Build a garden
  18. Escape in the car
  19. Hit the library
  20. Grab that wrench and go at it
  21. Check out free community events
  22. Go on a picnic

And now…one by one…

Start with doing something you did all the time as a kid

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