22 cheap ways for nurses to de-stress


10. Take a Bath with Candles and Aromatherapy

The recuperative and healing properties of water have many stress-relieving benefits and allow the body to fall into a deeper sleep. Submerging in a bathtub relieves your body from the constant pull of gravity, and heated water relaxes muscle tension, improving circulation, range of motion and energy flow.

Melt away your stress by creating a mini spa in your bathroom. Turn on soothing music, dim the lights, light candles and prepare fresh towels. The music will drown out household sounds that you may associate with everyday stressors, and relaxed lighting can go a long way when creating a peaceful mood. You can pick up high-end aromatherapy bubble bath soap, skin-moisturizing oils and exfoliating body scrubs on the cheap at your local T.J. Maxx, Marshalls or Ross.

Most importantly, make arrangements for your well-deserved uninterrupted solitude. Turn off your cell phone, log out of email and if you have roommates or family around, tell them to leave you alone for an hour or two. Be sure to prepare your bed beforehand so you have a nice, comfy space to crawl into after your bath.

Cost: $4-18, depending on how many spa items you want to buy
More Info: High-end spa items are always available at deep discount at stores like T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, and Ross

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