22 cheap ways for nurses to de-stress


14. Organize Your Living Space

Ever have one of those mornings where it feels like someone came in during the night and stole your keys, work badge and wallet? From unearthing the heaps of laundry scattered about your room to digging through each of your four work bags, there’s no doubt about it: your house is a mess. And you feel like your life is kind of a mess because of it.

Take a Saturday afternoon to roll up your sleeves and get your living space in order. It’s amazing what coming home to a clean, organized home can do. If you can control the area you live in, you feel better equipped to control other factors in your life. Plus, you don’t waste time having to look for everything all the time.

Cost: Free
More Info: Check out WomenCo.’s Stress Relieving Home Décor Ideas on a Budget

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