22 cheap ways for nurses to de-stress


18. Take a Long Drive

You may have negative associations with your car if you only use it to drive through rush-hour traffic to get to work or car pool the kids to Little League practice. Consider taking your car out for a spin during the night to relax, have time to yourself, and just drive with nowhere in particular to go.

Either drive in silence or turn up your favorite album, whichever is more relaxing. Roll down all your windows, and let the wind blow through your hair. The most important part is to keep driving, though, so hop on the freeway or take back roads to avoid stoplights. (Having to wait at a stoplight might increase your stress!)

Having time to yourself and the absence of traffic at night will calm your mind, as will the accompanying music or silence. Safety first, though! Always drive the speed limit and obey traffic laws.

Cost: $5-8 for gas
More Info: Take your car out for a spin or borrow a friend’s or family member’s car.

Or Try This: Borrow a Book or DVD from the Library…

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