22 cheap ways for nurses to de-stress


8. Cook a Delicious Dinner with Items You Have in Your Fridge

America’s “Fast Food Nation” mentality has us plowing through processed, barely digestible microwave dinners and super-sized extra value meals. Not only is our physique suffering, our stress and anxiety levels are off the charts. Everything around us, even food, is moving at the speed of light.

Back up, slow down and consider taking the time to cook your next meal with simple items you already have in your fridge and cupboards. Cooking takes patience and persistence. The process of chopping, measuring, stirring and sautéing can be incredibly therapeutic.

Check what ingredients you have in your kitchen, and look up a recipe (see below). Pick something simple to make, so the preparation and cleanup don’t stress you out. Let the culinary sensations, like scent, sight and touch mesmerize you. Finally, take pride in the sense of accomplishment as you slowly enjoy your delicious meal.

Cost: Free
More Info: Visit any of these websites to get recipes based on ingredients that you have:

Or Try This: Go on a Hike or Go to the Park

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